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Jobs Going Offshore and More

It seems that jobs are disappearing at an increasing rate. Not only going offshore, (such as call centres, heavy manufacturing and much IT development), but also due to automation. Unfortunately, as we live longer, and as a consequence of that new ageing profile, we seek pension support for longer. To achieve this support, we need to be creating more jobs at the tax payers end, rather than losing them! Unless in some miraculous ways, technology comes to the rescue, we are in for a crunch time with significantly declining living standards, somewhere later this century. While 'thought bubble' tactics such as reducing business tax, or changing the retirement age, are routinely floated, then, try as I might, I can find no overall national strategy that stands scrutiny, and which will give me any confidence that we will overcome the steadily rising threats to our well being in the years ahead. A national non-partisan 'future economy' planning commission or other,may be worth considering.

About We Greys and Voting

If we voted in concert, we 'Greys' could probably control the outcome at each and every political seat in Australia! Most of us seem to vote left, right or other, by habit.. The best people in parliaments are, in the longer term, far more valuable to us, than any party vote catching, election time policies. It would be interesting to see what would happen if we all decided  to vote on our local candidates qualities, and the range of real 'issues', rather than party lines! Other than knee jerk reactions to pension issues, which can arouse us to think about our vote, it seems that any survey would show that we mostly creatures of habit! What do you think? It's time we had another survey, always fun to read the results, and this seems like an interesting topic.SURVEY NOW CLOSED. See results in Coffee Haus

The Way Things Are Today

A mid winter grumble! I think I must have missed something along the way. You can now get a computer printer for $29, with half full ink cartridges, and then pay about $45 plus in due course for replacement cartridges. The plumber charges $2 for the tap washer and $100 for the call. You can get a cheap flight anywhere but beware the endless add ons. You can get a great cheap Hidef TV set, but the sound is so bad that they offer an external sound bar for $450 or more. The ugly face of capitalism is alive and well it seems. Have you had any similar experiences?

Voluntary Euthanasia

With a high profile recent case of a 100 yo Professor, choosing to end his life in an overseas clinic, the question arises: Is voluntary euthanasia an ethical or religious matter for you? It would be interesting to see how some of we Greypathers think Most of our editorials seem to be of little interest, if we go by the comments, so maybe this  time it might be different.

New Company to Make Electric Cars in Australia

Ace Electric Vehicles have announced that they are branching out from solar farm production into being probably the first electric car manufacturer in Australia. Their first vehicle, it seems, will be a YEWT as they call it!  It is planned to be available late this year, sell for under $40 000, and have a range of about 300k per charge. We wish them well, and hope that the Federal Government supports such job and technology creation efforts, against future perhaps 'dumped price' imports, until our home grown efforts are self sustaining.

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