Voluntary Euthanasia

With a high profile recent case of a 100 yo Professor, choosing to end his life in an overseas clinic, the question arises: Is voluntary euthanasia an ethical or religious matter for you?

It would be interesting to see how some of we Greypathers think

Most of our editorials seem to be of little interest, if we go by the comments, so maybe this  time it might be different.

A quick way to separate yourself from your money.

The ABC will, on Monday night (26th June) run an expose on the costs to seniors who enter retirement villages, featuring one group in particular. Among ‘over the top’ charges, we have heard of horrendous ‘make good on departure levies’ before, but apparently a departure charge of 40% of the original cost of buying a unit ‘takes the cake’….

No senior should ever trust anyone who is selling us services of any kind. Always get opinions from others who are using or have used such services, from house cleaning, repairs, through to accommodation, and more.

Snouts in the Trough Again

We were regaled earlier this week with news of an Australian CEO, funded indirectly from the public purse, who is paid about $6 million p.a. for doing a job that his US counterpart, with a business at least ten times as large, was paid $350K p.a.!

After a lifetime of seeing such matters arise , I think its well overtime that we established  independent, national and state, Public Salaries Probity Boards, with sweeping powers of arrest and recovery, if such is legally justified. Those  who have approved ‘found to be corrupt or wrong’ payments, should also be charged. .No wonder so many of the disaffected voted for Trump. This sort of stuff has gone on long enough!!!

Since this post the Victorian Goverment Speaker has resigned after failing the ‘ pub test’, for about $35000 allowances apparent misuse, and now his Deputy Speaker is under pressure re a much larger amount. for a similar matter.!!!

Crime Assumptions?

crimew___________With the current daily newspaper and TV emphasis on crimes of all kinds, one could be forgiven for thinking that we now live in a lawless country, where we should be more afraid for our safety than when we were young. Are the rates of crime up generally, is it area specific, or is it just increased raw numbers due to our increasing population?
Do established Australians, new and/or ethnic minorities, or other, commit more crimes per capita, than the so called ‘rest of us’?
Does anyone have access to the facts? If so mail the editor and we will sort such out for an interesting post in the Senate

A Greypathers Survey?

What Do You Think Survey Poll QuestionIts been a few years since we ended our greypathers surveys. Maybe it would be fun to do another? We might like to know how long others spend on line each day, Are they interested in sex? Do they have Facebook account? Are they on the pension, if so can they live on it? Do they volunteer/and much more.

If you would find doing an internal  poll, and later reading the results, of interest, do let the editor know, or post a reply here  with any questions you might be interested in, and we will see what we can do..



Time For Focus in Our Foreign Affairs

worldmapLooking at the world and the costs of intervention in seeking stability, I think that perhaps Australia might simply focus 80% of our efforts in supporting our Pacific neighbours. Europe could similarly sort out their problems and the African continent, the USA step back to cover North and South America, and our Chinese friends could worry about Asia.

Finding a balance is hard, and just because we like democracy doesnt mean it always suits everyone else.

The 80/20 rule makes sense to me.

In passing, sixteen years of trying to find something sensible (?), or of interest to say in an editorial each month, hasn’t been easy!

Elderly Single Women and Poverty

social housingWe have a national social injustice, which is  worsening steadily.
Late middle aged women, who do not own a home, and have little capacity to earn, are a forgotten and poverty stricken sector of society. How can any of them, [as with so many of our fellow seniors who are on the pension], pay todays rents whilst on a social service pension?
It’s time for some innovative thinking about a new regime of social housing.
What about using refurbished containers as above for such housing? An incentive programme to home share? Buying up failing country towns and creating new communities? Using many off those superseded old trams? Having the unemployed work for the dole in building new community prefabricated housing?
There are many problems of course but you have to start with a national vision first. Something we so sadly lack in our Governments, these days…

WOTIF We Had a ‘Greys Only’ Compnay?

Business-Ideas-to-Help-SeniorsWhat if we had a ‘greys only’ company? A company where you had to be 60+ to get a job? A company which valued our experiences and contacts? A company that allowed you to job share to the level that suited you? A company that was located near a major train public transport terminus? A company that kicked off with seniors services in the areas of travel, financial services, late life transfers from home to care services perhaps, and then went on to extend to wherever the skills of its grey employees found cost effective opportunities? A company that perhaps might be characterised by the motto, “doing well by doing good”.
What do you think?

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