A Cashless Society? Good or Bad for Seniors?

The editor has just been sent a link to a video that should have interest for so many of we seniors. It has to do with a Senate Committee currently looking at the potential for us to move to cashless society. Banks would love it! Its unlikely however that many of we seniors would wish for such. Have a look at the Youtube discussion, and if you have an opinion send it off ASAP addressed to the Senate Standing Committee on Economics via this email link.

5 thoughts on “A Cashless Society? Good or Bad for Seniors?

  1. I was just wondering about those like myself, who buy a daily paper?
    Would we pay fees for a $2 daily outlay?
    I haven’t looked at the discussion as I find them most boring.

  2. Fm what I have seen – its inevitable and think we will all be using a smartphone – as already you can pay bills etc with it. I had my eye on a cheap one at Kogan’s $179 with the lot offered on those for thousands except 2 or more camera’s and larger ones etc. So I think that is how you will pay for your morning paper.
    Just checked and that smartphone no longer there but they have some cheap ones and also refurbished ones if need more of the extras’s but I only need one for calls mainly and texts in when on line etc. So until cashless the old flip phone will do! Its also handy for when the power goes down on NBN. Or emergency on road as no phone boxes around on hwy’s like once.

  3. I hope to be pushing up daisies before that day comes

    • Ha Ha Dusty – hope not as reckon its on its way.
      I am currently having a blooming frustrating time with internet banking – God help us if they ‘protect us’ any more as SMS texts failed to arrive so my flip phone which I was able to get tested on line – worked except for their sms thingys.

      Thought OMG have to go buy smartphone ha ha. Got the latest from the PO and they seem to have a variety so likely go there – and I did just get a text so its working now fm bank.
      Why did they stop us writing a cheque !

      BTW I’m with Telstra for Internet and flip phone prepaid via my Telstra a/c etc and they have a way to test and even do repairs for your mobile on line – nifty.

  4. I quite like paying by card for things like coffee, lunch etc. I am with ME Bank, and if one has the two linked a/cs, and make 4 card transactions per month, the interest goes up to 2.05%. I move banks a bit to get the best deals, and this is the latest that is easy to comply and has a good interest rate. I haven’t gotten around to getting payments on my smart phone, I don’t think I would like that, doesn’t seem very secure when you see people leave their phones on tables where they sit.

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