A Change of Pace With Our Editorials

Given my druthers, things among many that I would like to see in our future world  are:
1. A rail journey around Australia’s coastline
2. A return of capital punishment for heinous crimes
3. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, becoming compulsory for all of our public media
4. World population control to replacement levels only for our current population or less
5. A major worldwide research programme into creating cold clean fusion power energy sourcing
6. A return to a ‘clean and green world environment.

What is on your wish list?

6 thoughts on “A Change of Pace With Our Editorials

  1. Wonderful list Ray. If only!!!
    Another one for me would be decentralisation for all our big cities. There is no reason for all those offices to be located together anymore. Nearly all business is conducted electronically and spreading out the population would definitely improve the problems we have with homelessness and crime.
    As well as that coastal railway we need better rail infrastructure and masses of railcars to be used instead of private cars.

  2. ‘Abirdo’, I agree with you.
    If I thought about it for a thousand years, I don’t think I could express it any better than you have done.
    With one small addition.
    Make the rail cars, and ALL forms of travel, more COMFORTABLE.
    Some ways of travel I have found to be almost primitive.
    There is only one other thing in the list I am doubtful about.
    Item 2.
    Persons who commit ‘heinous’ crimes are generally psychopathic.
    They experience no sense of guilt for their actions.
    The average man on the street is not capable of such detachment.
    Only a psychopath could put to death, without regret, another person found guilty of a serious crime.
    The average man on the street simply could not do it.
    My sense is that we should not be encouraging such a happening anyway.
    Especially not if it has an element of public revenge included.
    Far better to identify offenders, and SEPARATE them from the rest of society; permanently.
    I don’t like the existence of costly jails any more than anyone else does, but until a more successful way of physical separation is found, we are stuck with them.

  3. A great list Ray

  4. Great list only way I would change in item 3is to add “and all of our politicians

  5. Truth in sentencing would be on my list.

  6. I think you have pretty much nailed it Ray.
    I would add a reminder of the separation of church and state be strictly adhered to.

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