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What Do You Think Survey Poll QuestionIt’s been a long time since we ran a survey for ourselves. If you are interested in your fellow Greypathers and what they think, for example, about sex, or living on the pension, or if they are on Facebook or Twitter, or how much time they spend on line, or do they volunteer, or how they vote and more? then do let the editor know what questions you would like to see in such a survey via a click here,  or by adding a reply post below.

13 thoughts on “A Greypathers Survey

  1. Hi Ray.
    I think a survey would be a good idea.
    It would give us all more insight into how our fellow members feel about, and how we cope with, the issues of ageing.
    One question could be:
    How many of us live alone, and for those who do, is that what we chose, or did circumstances thrust that upon us?
    Also, are there any perceived advantages for seniors living alone?

  2. Yes Ray surveys like this are good particularly if they don’t make you choose one of the range from Totally agree to Totally disagree!!!!
    My strong interest is in Dying with dignity and the Right to die at a time of our choosing without having to resort to primitive methods to accomplish this. (Currently another case is being investigated by WA police where a doctor gave this aid to one of her terminally ill patients – 5 years ago!)

  3. I do not belong to any of the social media.
    I’m pleased Ray is feeling particularly well.
    I feel privileged to have the internet ,although I don’t spend a great deal of time using the computer, enjoy the time that I do.
    I do not reply to posts unless I am able to be of help or have information that could be of help, to the person who has posted.

  4. Ray ,I think a survey as you have proposed would be of benefit to all members. I personally would like to see dementia discussed and how members cope with their spouse’s suffering

  5. Good Morning Ray,

    Would like to see a survey, but as Abirdo said, I would like the opportunity to actually give my opinion (limited words perhaps to any answer so one doesn’t bang on). Any topic you like to include would be welcome. I like the comments by Ted. What about living alone in rural areas where services are not that readily available? Regards……….Greer

  6. Hi Ray, I’ve just found this article – I’m interested in how folk live with health issues, living in remote and/or country towns and the facilities available; another service I use and would be interested to know how other folk manage, is with house cleaning and property maintenance.
    I think people are more likely to read a ‘short’ response – I can’t sit for long at a time, so to ‘wade’ through some responses could be difficult for some.
    Good to ‘hear’ from you – trust you’re still particularly well at the moment!!
    Cheers 🙂

  7. I haven’t as yet made a comment re a survey, as being a townie[meaning living in one of Melbourne’s suburbs ] I have no personal knowledge of subjects mentioned so far, on this initial information survey possibility, that the seniors here would like to see discussed
    I have knowledge of alot of different subjects, but not of the ones so far talked of here.

  8. I am the same as Bettyh,Mypet gripeie how people withvery limited backup,survive on Newstart allowance which tome is an iinsult , not ttothe kids living home with mum and dad ,,but older men and women who have nohope of getting work.I wouldlike to hear from them

  9. Hi Ray .. and a very good-day to you ..

    I believe a survey could be a very positive feature in this site. It would give each person the choice to provide their own opinion in topics which are of interest to them. Not everybody will, or is prepared to make comment on each and every subject put forward, but it would provide us all with the opportunity to put our own opinions forward.
    In some other venues, surveys have become very much part of the lifestyle of the site ..

    There is however, also a natural concern by many who feel that when placing their name next to an opinion they’ve made, that they will be seen as holding a negative or unfavorable slant on the topic, and this can often bring about a feeling of personal confrontation which was not intended ..
    Being individuals,we are all so lucky to be so different. We therefore learn about things that we’ve not experienced and the reverse also applies where others can learn from us.
    This is a good way to grow our “Common Knowlege”

  10. I like the idea of a survey.

  11. Enjoyed the interesting comments There are many subjects that interest me. At 70years young, I would like to have a conversation about living alone, the impact of grieving on one physical well being. Losing the love of your life.
    How to recover from tradegy? The beginning of a new chapter in life.

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