About We Greys and Voting

If we voted in concert, we ‘Greys’ could probably control the outcome at each and every political seat in Australia!

Most of us seem to vote left, right or other, by habit.. The best people in parliaments are, in the longer term, far more valuable to us, than any party vote catching, election time policies.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if we all decided  to vote on our local candidates qualities, and the range of real ‘issues’, rather than party lines!

Other than knee jerk reactions to pension issues, which can arouse us to think about our vote, it seems that any survey would show that we mostly creatures of habit!

What do you think? It’s time we had another survey, always fun to read the results, and this seems like an interesting topic.SURVEY NOW CLOSED. See results in Coffee Haus

3 thoughts on “About We Greys and Voting

  1. Done Ray. Interesting survey, and well worded. I won’t give away my responses, lol, but I do think if we voted as a block, we could have a fairly large impact. It would have to be done with a lot of publicity.
    Always enjoy your surveys….thanks.

  2. People don’t want to vote properly.
    If we chose our doctors like we do our politicians, we would be in a sorry state I reckon.
    Each candidate should canvas his intended electorate, and no other.
    He should present his experience and credentials to that electorate, so they can evaluate his suitability.
    Voting should allow for rejection of all contenders.
    Then a second round of voting would occur in that electorate, without the original ‘applicants’.
    When eventually a very high proportion of the applicants are confirmed, they should collectively choose a suitable group to be the ‘cabinet’.
    The cabinet could then choose a leader, who would become the ‘prime minister’.
    Portfolio’s would then be allocated, by consensus or vote.
    Easy Peasy.
    But it won’t happen, because people in general are apathetic.
    They prefer not to make changes.
    Easier to be told for whom to vote.
    Doing it this way also gives them something to complain about later.
    They think this is win-win until they lose-lose.

  3. I have done some more thinking whilst waiting for a flood of comment.
    I also did some thinking whilst mowing the lawn today.
    Were we to vote ‘in concert’, who is to decide which way we will vote?
    Would we have a candidate who would undertake to place his full attention on the needs of the elderly?
    Who would select that candidate?
    And isn’t this indirectly deciding who elderly voters should vote for?
    The present system has its drawbacks, but it does ensure all have a free vote.
    Candidates must draw the favourable attention of voters to have a chance of winning an election.
    Voters must scrutinize their claim to be a suitable candidate, and make a decision about them.
    Pre-arranging votes does seem to have its drawbacks.
    I am not convinced it would work.
    My comment might not be exactly in line with the original ‘proposal’ in this editorial, however it is reasonably allied to it I think.
    Please someone else comment.
    I cannot be the only one awake this afternoon.

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