The Angst Over Australia Day

While most are happy as things are, we do seem to have a few options as to a more widely suitable day to celebrate being Australian.

Captain Cook’s Survey (Botany Bay) – 28th April 1770
Current Australia Day- First Fleet Arrival 26th January 1793
Federation Day – January 1st 1901.
Ned Kelly’s Birthday??

It may be worth us continuing the national dialogue, with a view to, when we become a republic sometime in the next ten years, picking a day for such change, when we are light on for a day off, (say in August) ?

5 thoughts on “The Angst Over Australia Day

  1. It concerns me that a minority are pushing for the change, yet get wide publicity presenting the issue as having wider support than it may or may not have. However, we live in a democracy and all are entitled to their view.
    I’m certainly against the notion of ‘invasion day’, as it merely serves to divide people and cause resentment and anger.
    There is a very good article in today’s Weekend Australian by Geoffrey Blainey titled:
    The most balanced and well written piece I’ve seen on the issue.
    Those councils which have decided to go it alone are divisive in my opinion, and have turned it into an over simplified issue.

    • PS
      I’m not against a National dialogue, and that’s the problem at the moment as I see it…with councils branching out on their own.
      Councils should stick to their charter, for which ratepayers pay them. They are entitled to approach the Federal Govt as individuals.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Salina, about the flow on from use of the Invasion Day label.There are much better ways, I am sure, of us handling this most important matter.

  3. July 1 would be my pick as an alternative date … well away from 26 January. Mid year long weekend and the date we’ve had some significant milestones in the recent history of the nation.

  4. If Australia day is moved to August and becomes a holiday there will the original holiday be scrapped and made into an ordinary working day?. I think not, and in my opinion there are far too many holidays as it is, Holidays and Strikes and the constant demands by unions for more and more money has ruined this country, just look what has happened to a once thriving car making industry, lost completely. and only kept afloat for many years anyway by succesive governments injecting cash into the companies bribing them to stay here. It’s time people were prepared to work for what they get,

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