COTA and Seniors

 The Council of the Ageing in Australia (COTA) are very helpful and recently took this one page ad out, in local newspapers to let us know of various freebies for seniors.

The ad covered seniors benefits through: no interest loan schemes, legal advice, public transport, libraries and community centres, fitness programmes, local council services, funeral assistance, motor registration discounts, and seniors cards.

If you wish to know more, or cant read the fine script here, you can contact COTA  via   Phone: 02 6154 9740    Email :

One thought on “COTA and Seniors

  1. I had a look at the COTA site.
    It talks a lot ABOUT problems, but says little about how it might deal with them.
    It give little practical information.
    I left the site being none the wiser.
    A telephone call to ask about a specific difficulty might be a better way to go?
    I wonder what others think.
    And I still think we should buy the man in the dark blue shirt a hat to brighten his day.

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