Crime Assumptions?

crimew___________With the current daily newspaper and TV emphasis on crimes of all kinds, one could be forgiven for thinking that we now live in a lawless country, where we should be more afraid for our safety than when we were young. Are the rates of crime up generally, is it area specific, or is it just increased raw numbers due to our increasing population?
Do established Australians, new and/or ethnic minorities, or other, commit more crimes per capita, than the so called ‘rest of us’?
Does anyone have access to the facts? If so mail the editor and we will sort such out for an interesting post in the Senate

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  1. I don’t know any statistics, but it’s amazing how often, when the police hierarchy are asked, they say that most crime rates per capita are decreasing.
    Some of the community fear would certainly come from the enormous media emphasis. The current Tiahleigh case in Brisbane leads the TV bulletins night after night, and takes up page after page in the press.

  2. Disturbing, the way home invasions are becoming more frequent, which is frightening for the elderly, who think because their house is locked, they are secure.

  3. Don’t think much has changed when I think back to my family’s circumstances over time. For example:
    My great uncle was shot dead by the housemaid (who thought he should marry her, she then suicided using strychnine … big case in the media in 1914). My granddad inherited uncle’s share of their rural property. Then, in 1936, there was a fire at the woolshed. When dad and granddad raced up, granddad was shot by an itinerant Italian ‘nutter’ holding a grudge because he couldn’t get farm employment. Granddad survived but when dad phone grandma (in hospital in Sydney) to let her know, she died of shock.

    Great granddad’s time was even more lawless.

    There were also quite a few cases of stuff getting stolen on those properties and in later in my teenage years (the 1960s) in a central western town, anything that wasn’t bolted down was knicked on a regular basis including garden hoses and plants. My own behaviour with unlicensed illegal car racing and ‘fun’ with alcohol and river parties doesn’t bear scrutiny!! Told my son if he ever did what I did, I’d throttle him.

    Was posted to the western suburbs of Sydney in 1966 as a teacher. Living in Toongabbie then Parramatta. That area was SO wild in those days. Can still remember the lines of black-clad ‘Bodgies’ hanging on the rails of the station overpasses waiting for girls to harass as soon as the sun went down. We had numerous items stolen by a mob just out of Parramatta gaol who lived down the road and a couple of home invasions. My school teacher flatmates were regularly beaten up by kids in their classes in Green Valley (1967-1969).

    Married and moved to Wahroonga. Totally different class of people but the neighbours across the road got charged with bringing ‘slave labour’ down from the islands to clean their house. Snooty crimes there.

    Moved to the Central Coast of NSW in 1971 and ‘things’ calmed down. But, there were still pockets of ‘wildness’ there.

    Moved to the Gold Coast in 1992. I thought life had a few wild moments in the past but they paled into insignificance with the ‘goings on’ in the Surfers Paradise strip.

    Now on the Gold Coast ‘sort of hinterland’. Far more peaceful than beachfront living but still has it’s moments, e.g. the bloke next door had his 4WD pinched a few weeks ago.

    All in all, don’t think much has changed and that’s without going into the night we had a night on the town in Kings Cross, North Sydney in 1969 and there were two murders and a bashing across the three venues we attended. The music was so loud, we didn’t even know until we read about it in the Sunday papers next day.

    Actually, I do think things are better now. Well at least for me.

    🙂 Fingers crossed.

    • Jen. Impressive. Thought my adventures were wild until I read yours.
      Life is such a fun thing.
      In my opinion, the media publicity makes it seem as though thing are much worse than they really are.

      Recently the real cold case programmes has given police some unexpected results.

      At this time, I am more concerned about he way nature is punishing us. Good thing there are lots of grey nomads to help out Blaze Aid and Aussie Volunteers.

  4. Jen. This must be our reply of the year!

    You have a book in you! Mail me if you want to chat about that, Ray.

  5. My, Jen what a boring life I lived in my neck of the woods, I dont remember any going’s on or obviously my parents sheltered us from anything nasty, maybe they worried we might get to be copycats

  6. Poverty not money is the root of all evil.
    Australia was colonised by the British firstly with convicts and their jailors and then with low paid workers looking for a way to support a family, always under British Law.
    It was not until last year that the theft of food was decriminalised by the Government.
    This year the OECD published a report stating that one third of Australian Age Pensioners live in poverty.
    The suicide rate amongst Pensioners in the UK has escalated since Benefits were cut without due cause.
    I had my Pension cut back by the Means Test, contrary to a Reciprocal Agreement with the UK. Now I am living in the UK its the same again in reverse, a double whammy, but I am not going to die to please them.
    I am now a whistleblower, I read of concerns about active nuclear waste being dumped in South Australia.
    I know why Bill Shorten will be forced to go back on his policy of only using safe renewable energy to protect the environment from having toxic waste dumps all over the place.
    Theresa May has a done deal with China to build a massive Nuclear Power Plant in the UK and must now find somewhere within the UK’s territorial boundaries to dump the waste, South Australia is it.
    I doubt your Border Guards can stop the boats carrying this cargo, but pray they can, because British people want only clean renewable energy, not massive Nuclear power plants which dump toxic waste on British Migrants living in Australia.
    My son committed suicide 15yrs ago becase of cuts to Social Welfare Benefits in Australia. My husband died from malnutrition in an aged care home in Ipswich QLD.
    My grandson is being held in prison without charge at this very moment. He attempted suicide like his father before him. I am living in the UK because Centrelink forced me out of my home for a second time since the death of my husband in 2003 when I asked Bernie Ripoll MP to intervene on my behalf. He did not.
    This year I asked my MP here to help me, he is so sorry he cannot, and I have that in writing.

    However I believe the tide is about to turn and wish you all well.

  7. HMMM and I thought Rays editorial was about crime and lawlessness in our citys

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