Jobs Going Offshore and More

It seems that jobs are disappearing at an increasing rate. Not only going offshore, (such as call centres, heavy manufacturing and much IT development), but also due to automation. Unfortunately, as we live longer, and as a consequence of that new ageing profile, we seek pension support for longer. To achieve this support, we need to be creating more jobs at the tax payers end, rather than losing them!

Unless in some miraculous ways, technology comes to the rescue, we are in for a crunch time with significantly declining living standards, somewhere later this century.

While ‘thought bubble’ tactics such as reducing business tax, or changing the retirement age, are routinely floated, then, try as I might, I can find no overall national strategy that stands scrutiny, and which will give me any confidence that we will overcome the steadily rising threats to our well being in the years ahead.

A national non-partisan ‘future economy’ planning commission or other,may be worth considering.

5 thoughts on “Jobs Going Offshore and More

  1. Step one in the right direction would be to increase parliamentary terms to at least 5 years. There might be some chance of more future planning then instead of constantly thinking about the next election.
    Another idea would be to offer incentives to large organisations who pledge never to move jobs off shore. It would be good if the Aussie public started to boycott the worst offenders and offer their support to the other smaller businesses who are trying to do the right thing.
    People like Dick Smith continually try to uncover the wrong things that are happening and kept under wraps. If you have not joined it his site Dick Smith Fair Go is quite an eyeopener.

    • abirdo, some really good ideas there. We need you in Parliament. lol

  2. One “way out” suggestion could be to reduce the average working week to say 20 hours, thus requiring millions more jobs to get the same work done.
    This of course would lower wages, and then as Ray said,we could hope to hell technology would solve the problems (especially the wage issue).

  3. I admire people like Dick Smith & was not aware of his site Dick Smith Fair Go, but I am not a customer of Aldi because their Cornflakes, not only come from Germany but were 10cents cheaper, the only occasion I accidently bought Cornflakes at Aldi,whereas Dick Smith support Australian farmers with his profits going to charity.
    Jobs going Off shore, we all know how difficult to understand some of those accents, when we attempt to speak to Telstra or similar.
    Re IT ,perhaps there needs to be more protection of those who work in this field to prevent Trigger Finger a most painful condition, which needs surgery.

    • The Commonwealth Banks’ call centre is now in Australia.
      As is 13 cabs, I was pleased to find out.

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