Did You Know About Easy Mode on Your Mobile?

We have an elderly friend who has been having routine difficulty with the complexity of a later model android phone. This is a common problem as the family hands such down. All she wants to do is to take and send text and calls. Seeking to swap her phone for a simpler one, we asked a young and smart Optus advisor to do such. Instead, he pointed out that the smart phone had a little known option under Settings. It was to select EASY MODE.
This redesigned the look, and reduced all the clutter and simplified the key processes. She is delighted, and it saved buying a new simpler mobile.
If you are having a similar problem, do visit your provider, and ask them to do the same for your phone. (Its reversible).  While you are there, ask them as well, about using a stylus, it makes for many less errors in typing text messages, especially for those with big finger tips and small keyboards .

3 thoughts on “Did You Know About Easy Mode on Your Mobile?

  1. What a wonderful idea, because texting is the most efficient way for deaf people to use a mobile phone. I have been told it is something to do with the microwave part.

  2. great idea re using simple mode plus the use of a stylus – thanks Ray 🙂

  3. Thanks Ray.
    Good information.

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