Left and Right Wing Extremists and More

It seems to me that we are unduly swayed by the very few extremists in our country who find a cause, and and create a disproportionate amount of social noise seeking to have their view accepted by the rest of us and to act in their interests (right or wrong).

Maybe we could have a FedGov, continuously running on line questionaire/poll, on various ‘big’ issues, so those so many of us who have a considered and perhaps private opinion, can post and see where we all sit, and not think that if 2000 march loudly, or seek to swamp an event, that they represent the views of the population at large. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Left and Right Wing Extremists and More

  1. Absolutely agree that such FedGov polls would be highly informative/re-assuring and useful. Regrettably, however, those that are driven to “staging” their protests will not desist.

    • Because we live in a democracy, everyone has a right to protest. The problem is, because they are noisy, they get the publicity, and many na├»ve people follow like lemmings. I don’t mean that as an insult….it’s part of human nature.
      It would be a good idea to have running polls to offset the noisy ones. Good thinking. It might be an idea to send this editorial and comments to the Govt.

  2. Unfortunately the idea is far too sensible to be embraced by government/politicians who are far too busy to listen to the voice of their electorates!

  3. Sorry to be a wet blanket but wouldn’t this just be another burden on taxpayer funds? Nothing comes for free.

    Also I am not sure I am swayed by a lot of noise. Supporters of some causes to which I have sympathy often annoy the heck out of me by trying to tell me how to think. The SSM plebiscite being a recent example.

  4. I think we should listen to all minorities, and consider their requests, but not let them break the law.
    I don’t think it practical to have government controlled by polls taken on ‘big’ things. They should take note of any results from those polls though.
    Should it become clear that the will of the people differs from theirs, they should think long and hard about what they do. They should give the people good reasons for their approach to whatever is at question.
    In the past, government has insisted it doesn’t react to polls, and will proceed with making decisions based on it’s own ideas. I think this is far from the truth.
    They do take note, and I am sure they are fully aware of any differences. I am sure too that they suffer disquiet when they know a majority of people are not in agreement with them.
    A lot of fingers are metaphorically crossed.

  5. So many these days are called “activists” and at least 50% aren’t interested in the cause, their only cause is to make trouble for everyone else

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