Migration to the Land of OZ

Most of us think that our multicultural society, where underpinned by acceptance of our way of life Down Under, is generally a good thing.

One would be silly to believe however, that ‘uncontrolled’ migration to Australia would not lead to deep social and perhaps economic stress..

What do we do then? There will never be a completely right answer, but we could perhaps develop a multi party policy, that would be 80% modelled on factors such as our skills shortages, the ability to fit in to our way of life, local population needs, the economics of housing and social support, and to some lesser extent, our initial community acceptance. The balance of 20% to be government discretionary, and compassionate, so as to better ‘get it right’.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Migration to the Land of OZ

  1. I tend to agree with the editorial- but I know there are many folks here who believe in refugees’ being allowed in, regardless of the issues. Many people believe that they will face problems such as housing and jobs, for a start.
    I feel many refugee’s from some countries have trouble fitting into our way of life and that causes many of the young ones to drift into crime etc, as lack of work is one of the main problems for the young.

    • I dont come here often but heres my opinion.
      I think we will have a problem with immigration. I do not think the problem is refuges its immigration. We seem to be getting scores of migrants, especially from India.
      I think that asylum seekers are a very different category. It is not illegal to seek asylum.
      I do think that the huge numbers of Indians is an issue. They talk loudly on their mobiles and do not respect our way of life.
      Travelling by train used to be so pleasant. Now ai just hear loud loud yapping.
      So I dont think refuges are the problem. Indian immigration has been a disaster.

  2. So important that migrants do have the necessary skills to find work here and the willingness to fit into our way of life. Its no use accepting our quota of refugees if they do not. The result of failing to do this has resulted in rival gangs of uncontrolled youth roaming the streets of our cities. We have quite enough problem people of our own who live in a world of alcohol and other drugs.

  3. I think past governments had no choice but to bring in people from other countries.
    We needed a larger population in a hurry.
    A handful of people would have little chance to develop this vast country by themselves.
    A vast increase in population made success much more likely.
    So governments did what they had to do.
    I think they should have taken more care to bring in those from SIMILAR CULTURES though.
    The ‘shock’ of a great diversity of cultures all at once can cause unrest and even confusion?
    Many groups, each trying to live a different style of life, with different languages, different community standards, must perforce introduce friction?
    Them’s my thoughts anyway. ^_^

    Regarding those who profess to be ‘refugees’, and try to enter Australia illegally:
    Somebody who leaves his country because he has legitimate fears for his life, or because of severe hardship brought about by circumstances over which he has no control, is a refugee when he reaches the FIRST ‘safe’ country he encounters.
    There is where his status as a refugee should be acknowledged.
    When he doesn’t allow this to happen, but chooses to travel, WITHOUT HINDRANCE, through several other countries on his way to a particular place, he has given up his right to be seen as a refugee.
    When he travels (unhindered) through those countries, he is in no immediate DANGER.
    He has no reason to continue travelling as he does.
    The reality is that he is now merely someone seeking a better place to live.
    His actions mean he is declining to be treated as a refugee.
    So one and all of those people are NOT refugees, and it should be recognised that this is true.
    The harsh reality is that the government is correct when it insists they must not enter Australia.
    Nevertheless, we must not allow people, even non-refugees, to suffer unreasonably.
    We are human beings, and should not allow other human beings to suffer deprivation or worse.
    So I think more should be done to assist those non-refugees, even if their initial motivation was nefarious.
    Perhaps they should be returned to the first safe country they encountered, and be properly reassessed there?
    This nonsense has gone on long enough, and is costing Australia a GREAT DEAL of money which could be better used for other purposes.

    And in case someone wants to punch me on the nose for my views: please let me remind you I am merely expressing my opinion.
    I might be right, I might be wrong, but at this time the facts do seem to support my conclusions?

  4. Yes I agree with those opinions William. We tend to think we are alone with the problem but in Europe particularly it is absolutely horrendous.

  5. A very interesting piece. I think you should present your ideas to the Federal Govt.

  6. Salina and william I have probably been the most left wing person on greypath.
    I dont come here very often.
    I must say that I agree with several conservatives on this issue.
    Immigration has got out of hand. Our beautiful wild life is losing its habitat at an alarming rate.
    I used to love travelling on the train I cant enjoy it any more because certain cultures yap loudly, often for the whole trip and its ghastly. Often wonder if I should blow a loud whistle and tell them to shut up. I wont but its so tempting.
    The Indian community are the worse offenders.
    Its because of this the polls were inaccurate.
    I suspect many are concerned about immigration but are not going to say anything.
    Many voted accordingly the privacy of the booth.

  7. I think,and it is just my opinion ,that I have held for years. Australia’s mistake was becoming multi culturial, when it should have been multi National,the new Australians should all have to swear alegience to Australia’s laws, above any laws they should have lived by before entering Australia ,they ignore our laws with impunity .Whether the powers that be care to agree or not , Or laws are being massively ignored by certain parties ,the majority of have no intention of :fitting in” Others have grown up knowing nothing but violence and gang warfare. aLll I can say is God help our once beautiful country

    • Cant agree more Dusty, I am fm WA now living in Tassie.
      Hubbie couldnt stand the heat now I cant stand the cold Haha
      Anyway our beautiful country is being torn apart by Leftism. Sky News evenings tells us much that MSM and our ABC simply doesnt want us to know. I found it recently and explains a lot going on. Re immi – that is out of hand. Needs to be cut down to only a skilled person when no other here to do the job until such time as jobs vacant along with houses vacant short time and it would pick up the economy. Also hard look at any here being allowed to apply for citizenship – as many use it to bring in extended families – like Hawks Chinese students 10k of them ended up with thousands of extended families. Same with Muslims who cant swear to obey our laws lawfully as Sharia Law says no able to obey any other law but Sharia. Lie if necessary. And they are not allowed to assimilate under Sharia. But do lie taking the oath to obey our law etc mainly to get in their own ext d=families. And why they send young men alone on th eboats having whipped around for the fare monies. then once here having more wives breaking our laws but nothing said – taking up 5 houses per family if he goes for 4 wives as under Centerlink can afford to keep them and each wife can have say 1 bub a year and 20 years later – 80 kiddies all brough tup under welfare and so it goes plus outbreeding us in the long run which is they say the aim. To govern the world. UN has the same aim and Leftism is they say also why they are intent on destroying democracy. and hate us for being white. We cant win unless we together stand up and say enough! UK USA New Zealand Canada all Commonwealth countries similar politics are fighting same things like Europe too being bankrupted by too many so called refugees who in reality are economic migrants overwhelming the symptoms and causing huge debts. Another worry re bank deposit bill under way right now and banks being able to grab our deposits. Scary stuff on top of already scary road we are on. People are the only way it will alter. Quiet Australians – conservative in nature who liked it the way it once was when we all pulled together.
      Maybe wont like me for saying this either but we cannot take in all the people of the world in need – just do what we always did and take in those who fit in and work.

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