We Need to Keep Basic Capacities

With the last big car plant closing down for good and  immediate profitability reasons, (they can be made cheaper elsewhere),  we lose another level of independence. We forget that keeping a minimum fall back capacity within OZ, for all important resources, is a security matter,. If we don’t, then one day, we will deeply regret it.  Why don’t we take over an existing car manufacturing facility and design a special Australian peoples utility vehicle, (as the Germans did with the VW as part of a post WW1 economic recovery plan). It could be viable if, from day one, we scaled it appropriately, and  we began with instructing all government departments to buy say,  30% of their fleet,  from our own factories.This would save jobs and keep many valued skill sets in Australia.

6 thoughts on “We Need to Keep Basic Capacities

  1. Yes and maybe concentrate on vehicles that do not require petrol. I was told that using solar panels as a roof would not be viable but I still think more research could be done on this means of boosting power.

  2. Beside losing car manufacturing, we have lost our oil refineries, our engineering manufacturers.
    Qantas has just built a $30 million dollar hanger to repair aircraft where, IN AMERICA, now isn’t that a kick in the arse for our workforce.
    Enough is enough,we used to have a brilliant aircraft facility at Tullermarine. Bring back PERMANENT JOBS, not
    part time jobs which is ruining this country, bring back full time apprenticeships, pass the skills of our current & older generations before it is to late!!!

  3. Thank goodness, there are other people who think as I do, my
    friends have been getting sick of my saying this very thing since the word went round that these companies were going to close down, hopefully some intelligent politician will listen to us and realise the possibilities, unfortunately I have my doubts about that happening.

  4. It’s a good idea to save manufacturing ability (as with the ship building in South Australia), but the economics would still be the same as if Holden etc were still there.
    Even with government subsidies they still couldn’t make it work profitably.
    However, if the government would still subsidise, and if profit was not the motive, then it is worth considering.

    • Yes Ted, its not easy to cover all bases in a short editorial, but if one looks at all of the factors and initially scales such facility accordingly, I am firmly of the belief that it can be done profitably both in economic and social terms.

  5. Ray, you and the others are talking common sense here,and as far as our glorious leaders are concerned ,that is almost a punishable offense.In my opinion, Australia is being sold out from under us ,even the Govt outsourses everything they can get away with we have no real idea how much has been sold to China and Lord alone knows who else we have estate who advertise that they specialize in selling houses to the Chinese ,they dole out millions to other countries at the expence of our own citizens ad the whole result for me is total disgust

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