New Company to Make Electric Cars in Australia

Ace Electric Vehicles have announced that they are branching out from solar farm production into being probably the first electric car manufacturer in Australia.

Their first vehicle, it seems, will be a YEWT as they call it!  It is planned to be available late this year, sell for under $40 000, and have a range of about 300k per charge.

We wish them well, and hope that the Federal Government supports such job and technology creation efforts, against future perhaps ‘dumped price’ imports, until our home grown efforts are self sustaining.

5 thoughts on “New Company to Make Electric Cars in Australia

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Every new manufacturing project like this leads to better self sufficiency for Australia, and keeps importers honest!

  2. Lovely little vehicle. Reminds me of a mini. Trouble is it needs longer between recharges to be practical in the country right now. Do hope it gets the necessary support.

  3. Great plan!

    1. It creates a new market for their solar farm product (electricity).

    2. If they sell a lot of them, the vehicle storage batteries can also be utilized by local utilities as additional storage devices benefiting the auto homeowners with lower electrical rates.

    3. Creates new hi-tech jobs in Australia.

    Sounds like a winner to me.

  4. Good on them. One hopes it will create more jobs. I know this will be a little controversial, but I think the unions were in great part responsible for killing of the car market here. A pity because the two could have existed side by side, while gradually phasing in the new technology.

  5. Sounds good.
    let’s hope they succeed in producing a quality model.

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