The New Year Ahead

What would you wish for, if you still believed wishes came true?

For our Greypath seniors, apart for world peace, the lotto etc, it invariably seems to be wishing good things for others than ourselves.

So that’s what we at Greypath wish for all of you, a year of acceptance and contentment with where we are at, and that you can find happiness with the simple things we find along the way, in this grand adventure called life.

4 thoughts on “The New Year Ahead

  1. Peace,more kindness. Cure for Cancer, also other dreadful incurable illness’s

  2. My wish for 2019 and beyond…
    I wish more people would pay attention to being truthful and logical.
    And be very accepting of what this teaches them.
    That doesn’t mean that there is no room for fun.
    As the germans so rightly say, ‘spass muss sein’. (fun must be, or, there must be fun)
    We can’t be machine-like all the time. We need a varied mental diet.
    But only logic and reason allow us to change our world, and make it more productive and comfortable to live in.
    Just ‘going with the flow’, with no reasoned plan, won’t change much.
    That might be ok for the rest of the animal kingdom, but it doesn’t do much for a human with his specialised mind.
    Humans have different needs: it appears we have greater memory and awareness for a start.
    It is as if our mental computer has a high definition colour monitor, which allows us greater comprehension.
    We can see life in exquisite detail.
    Most other animals might have a small ‘fuzzy’ black and white monitor, or none at all.
    They rely on instinct alone, most of the time.
    It is only our greater logic and reason which allow us to direct and use our instinctive behaviour to our advantage.
    Were there to be more acceptance of truth, and less emphasis on the emotional/instinctive way of doing things, we would all benefit.
    Be critical of everything told to you.
    Don’t accept it as fact, just because it has been around for a long time.
    Stand right back and take a fresh look at it.
    Think of all the unreasonable things happening in the world.
    A logical reasoning person wouldn’t do those things?
    So, in 2019 and beyond, I just wish more people would start using their brains and accept the truth it reveals to them.
    And have a magnificently interesting and adventurous time whilst doing so.

  3. Inner peace for those who need it, and strength to bear burdens.

    “Here’s to a bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold.”

  4. To have a good time with the time a 79 year old has & enjoy
    the short & helpful answers most post.
    NOT having to read long & meaningless crap!!!

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