Overuse of the Word Hero

Why must the press devalue the word hero?

A hero is someone who puts their life or limb at risk, to save another.

A hero is not a surf lifesaver who swims out and brings someone in as part of their skill set, (unless they are taking a personal risk to do so), it is not a 3 year old who dials 000 when their mum is ill, (they are smart and most valued citizens to be, though), it is not someone who applies CPR to someone for an hour, or someone who tries to put out their neighbour’s house fire with a garden hose…

All those, and so many more human acts, are to be deeply valued, but they are not heroic acts.

Unfortunately today, so many words are becoming devalued through over hyped use.

4 thoughts on “Overuse of the Word Hero

  1. Well said

  2. Well said I find it ridiculous how the word is tossed around

  3. I agree Ray and I have made a comment in CH 🙂

  4. A true hero is a man called Neale Daniher. If you are not in Melbourne, or not a follower of AFL. you may not know the name. Neale was a great footballer and contracted Motor Neurone Disease in 2013. The prognosis at the time was he would be dead in 2 years. He’s not! Neale travels around constantly, raising money for research into the disease, even though it’s progressing steadily.
    Google his name, and google:
    curemnd.org.au/danihers drive. A wonderful man and an inspiration.

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