Retirement & how long we might wish to live?

It is said that we are living 1 year more for every 5 years since 1900. Also recent and accelerating medical advances will provide us with an even longer and healthier old age.

That said, and despite an ‘unknowable’ future, it seem likely that we will need to work for many more years in the future, than we do today.

That brings us to the thought, just how long, would one realistically wish to live, given good health, and a reasonable life style?

6 thoughts on “Retirement & how long we might wish to live?

  1. Assuming good bodily and mental health, I would like to live as long as possible.

  2. Simply put, I want to live as long as I can.
    In particular, as long as I have things to do, and the strength to do them well, I want to continue.
    Advances in medicine allow us to live longer in better health, which means we can be more productive as well.
    When I reach a point where I cannot be independent, and might even need help with simple tasks, I think nature will soon take its course, and I will cease to be.
    Until then, each day is a new adventure, and there is always something to do.
    I find I have endless interest in all things around me.
    The inevitable is inevitable, but until I reach that time I don’t plan to sit and contemplate a fixed point.

  3. I find the questions difficult to answer.
    What will be will be.

  4. A few further thoughts:
    Live each day, and do it well.
    Treat the days ahead as endless, and plan accordingly.
    Decide what you might do when you turn one hundred, and start planning for it now.
    If you deliberately allow your life to ‘wind down’, you will fossilise.
    Typing here in greypath with fossilised fingers could be difficult?

  5. I don’t care, there is another home waiting for me and a new body, both will be in much better condition than the those
    i’m in now

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