Where did that year go?

It is hard to believe that it’s now 2018! Who thought we’d live to see it? It seemed so far away in 1990 or so. It’s a bit too late for New Year resolutions for our lot, so lets just make sure that, with our great good fortune to be living here in the Land of OZ, that we are as happy as we can be, and that we try and make as many others as we can, happy too.

11 thoughts on “Where did that year go?

  1. Agree Ray! Not having been able get a Diary yet for 2018,I picked up an old Diary 1982,what a difference compared with those previous years! Yes,let’s make others happier.

  2. Way to Go Ray! A Very Happy one to you and yours. Years spin by increasingly quickly I find and never enough time to do all I want to do.

  3. When I was in my fifties, I remember listening to the beatles song ‘when I’m 64’ and thinking:
    That is a long way in the future. Good that I am still young.
    Now 64 is far in the past.
    But, we are all still here, and still able to gather our thoughts and communicate.
    As ‘albert’ said, ‘a fortunate life’.

    • “When I’m 64”. How true, I remember this song and thinking the same thing. Wonder what Beatle Paul thinks of that song these days.

      Now in my young 70’s, I feel so well and enjoy life very much.

      Sometimes, the days are go so fast, and I actually forget how old I am in years.
      Life is good and sometimes I spoil it by looking in the mirror and seeing the ‘old girl’ looking back at me. lol

  4. Just a couple more thoughts…
    We must all be having lots of fun!
    Isn’t it that which makes time fly by?
    We are starting a new year now.
    It does seem like such a short time ago we were doing the same in 2017.
    The years are most certainly getting shorter.
    Or is there another explanation?

  5. 2018 greetings Ray – another year has begun and yes, let’s make it a good one – cheers 🙂

  6. Yes I am amazed at how fast this year has gone, but I do think these days there is an enormous number of events on all the time, and so many other things we can get involved in that one really could be out every single day if you wanted to be.
    . But this year 2018 I hope is a very happy year for every one and do enjoy life, we are only here once-well as far as we know- no one has ever come back to lets us know otherwise. Happy New Year everyone Bettyh

  7. Looking forward to 2018: new challenges and opportunities.

    I brought a 2018 diary; part of my end of year ritual. It’s a nice little one that fits in my pocket, spiral bound so it opens flat. But I wonder if I will use it much? I have previous diaries that seem to contain a lot of white space!

    My smartphone has become increasingly indispensable and I use it to record appointments and meeting notes (just starting this). Of course I have to re-charge the battery nearly every day – another night time ritual. It may be that 2018 will be my last paper diary…

    • So sorry that you may give up the paper diary.
      It is a chore that I look forward to each day, writing the days doings in my Australian Womens Diary.

      Looking back at previous years and seeing the changes that life has brought is a pleasure that I enjoy.

      By all means use your phone, as do I, but the little diary is full of memories. AND I always can tell people where I was on a certain date. lol

      As a Motorhomer, knowing where you have been in the past is a bonus. Ha! Ha!

  8. I also bought my 2018 diary and wonder what it will look like in 12 months. It’s rather fun to look back through the old one, and remember various people and occasions.
    All the best to everyone, and let’s hope for some peaceful resolutions in those places where there is so much strife.

  9. Here we are, nearly halfway through 2018. What a five months it’s been. Lots of birthdays and anniversaries, and little ones starting school. All these activities in the extended family, and lovely to see. Some sad moments, but that’s life.
    We’ve had a royal wedding, and see the Queen still attending these occasions, as well as her husband.
    So on we go.

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