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    The 25 most liveable cities in the world for 2015 are:
    1. Tokyo, Japan
    2. Vienna, Austria
    3. Berlin, Germany
    4. Melbourne, Australia
    5. Sydney, Australia
    6. Stockholm, Sweden
    7. Vancouver, Canada
    8. Helsinki, Finland
    9. Munich, Germany
    10. (equal) Zürich, Switzerland
    10. (equal) Copenhagen, Denmark
    12. Fukuoka, Japan
    13. Singapore
    14. Kyoto, Japan
    15. Paris, France
    16. Madrid, Spain
    17. Auckland, New Zealand
    18. Lisbon, Portugal
    19. Hong Kong
    20. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    21. Hamburg, Germany
    22. Geneva, Switzerland
    23. Oslo, Norway
    24. Barcelona, Spain
    25. Portland, USA

    “Monocle magazine has released its annual Quality of Life survey for 2015 and all in all, Australia has, unsurprisingly, done very well for itself.
    Our land, abounding in nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare, has scored us two places in the top five most liveable cities in the world. Having said this, the two Aussie cities that made the prime spots are those that have the biggest rivalry – Melbourne and Sydney.
    Tokyo took out the title of world’s most liveable city, for the first time ever, last year’s winner Copenhagen fell way back, coming in at 10th place.
    Featuring only one city from the US and none from the United Kingdom, the list measured cities on a number of categories including the new additions of how much a cup of coffee, glass of wine, decent lunch and a three bedroom home all cost, respectively.”

    Source: http://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/news/and-the-most-liveable-city-goes-to?

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