A Blast From The Past

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    I have done some strange things in my life.
    Long ago I attended a garage sale near where I lived.
    It became clear to me after a few minutes of being there that the lady was rather desperate for money, and was selling anything she could.
    She had a son, about twelve years old.
    His small desk was for sale.
    I remember asking is that were wise, as he would need it?
    I was told, ‘he is young but he understands the necessity at this time.’
    I saw a rather sad look on his face.
    I didn’t need the desk, but I bought it.
    My reasoning was that someone was going to buy it, and I would be better able to look after it than others might.
    I still have it.
    Buried in the back of my mind is the thought that perhaps one day he could be reunited with his desk.
    Might not want it now though.
    Probably forgotten all about it.
    Nevertheless, that was what I did, those were the reasons, and I am still waiting for fate to take a hand.
    Has anyone else done something strange like that?

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