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    1.       A man and a woman both stabbed repeatedly, sustaining seious injuries.
    2.      CCTV showed Musa and about 20 other men causing havoc in the Nicholson St barber shop, where one man was attacked with a hatchet and others whipped with electric clippers.
    The leader got 3 months in jail!!!   Nothing about the rest of the gang.
    3.    Two people two different times driving crazily in the middle of the city……one of whom caused death and serious injury.
    4.    Two teenagers charged with murder in a  carjacking gone wrong.
    5.     A woman has been violently punched multiple times to the face following a verbal fight over a carpark in September last year.
    6.    At least three cases of homes being invaded, with property smashed and occupants terrorised.
    One of those was an incident where these people broke into a house, tied up the lone woman, proceeded to hit her for no reason, and then ransack the house,   leaving her traumatised, I would venture, for the rest of her life.
    7.   Yesterday, a man jumped out of his car, left it running, to rush on to the road to rescue a wandering child.   Two men jumped into his car and drove away.

    Ladies and gentlemen, these are just a few of the things that have happened here in Melbourne in recent days!
    People have become terrified both out in the street and in their homes.
    These crimes are being committed in broad daylight as well as at night.
    I am far more concerned about this rapidly escalating wave of brazen crime, than a remote possibility of a missile launch.
    Even more concerned because our judges and magistrates seem not to care…..with one supreme court judge even implying it’s all exaggerated!!!   What hope do we have?






    The incidents above are only the ones we hear about, and most recently.

    Armed robbery has escalated incredibly.   One family business attacked three times in a month, and have now closed down.   Who can blame them?

    “Dig a little deeper, and it’s evident why many Victorians feel that crime is out of control. The number of robberies has jumped 20 per cent over the past two years. The number of aggravated burglaries is up 28 per cent, with 4280 offences recorded.”


    That was June  2017, and it’s far worse now.

    We used to have a police    FORCE…we now have a police ‘service’,  who by the way, do an outstanding job, but are hamstrung by our lax laws, and even more lax politicians and  judiciary here in Victoria.



    Find the causes, then treat the causes.
    Finding the causes is the hard part.
    Drugs, lack of employment etc?
    What is causing them frustration?
    Has anyone asked them?
    I must add that I think these people are a minority.
    But a minority can cause lots of damage.


    Interesting how media reports differ. A recent ABC story on the issue here.

    What statistics can and can’t tell us about Melbourne’s African crime issue.
    • Victoria’s total crime rate last year fell by about 6 per cent, the biggest drop in 12 years.
    • Overall, youth crime has fallen in Victoria from half of all incidents 10 years ago to 40 per cent in 2015-16.

    Alleged offenders in Victoria by country of birth, 2016-2017.
    1. Australian
    2. New Zealand
    3. India
    4. Vietnam
    5. Sudan
    Source: Victorian Crime Statistics Agency.



    Deleted by me.

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    I guess many of our generation (including me in my black dog days) have a view that our society is going to hell in a hand-basket at present and that the munificent generosity of Australia is being disrespected by recent arrivals. Maybe it has always been thus.

    But then I am comforted by a report on the first anniversary of the Melbourne Bourke Street drive downs and the magnificent response by members of the public to assist the injured.



    With respect, statistics are irrelevant to my posts.

    There is a certain type of crime , vicious and violent, that is escalating in Melbourne.

    That’s #1.  #2. Punishments do not fit the crime, and bail is too easy to achieve.

    There is an excellent article in todays’ Weekend Australian, which articulates the problem better than I can.

    It’s extremely interesting to read the comments as well.


    bettyh Vic
    bettyh Vic

    One can’t help but think, with all the stabbings in Melbourne these days,  obviously these creeps go out with thoughts of  looking  for a fight  of some sort on their mind otherwise why else would they   take a weapon  particularly  a knife with them.?



    The good are getting ‘gooder’ and the bad are getting ‘badder’.
    A sign of an affluent society?

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