A Life Long Passion

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    The above title is the love  story of Nicholas and Alexandra  the last Tsar of Russia and his wife Alix a grand daughter of Queen Victoria, it was a life long passion with a truly tragic end.

    Their story now becomes clear  with the release of their private letters and papers.  Interestingly they wrote to each other and those of their family in English and they kept diary’s that they wrote in almost every day.

    I found the first three quarters of this big big  book a bit boring as its all about what they were doing for the day and greeting people and sending love to each other. The book confirms that Nicholas really didn’t want to become the Tsar he would have preferred to have a quiet life just gardening and playing with his family and  touring around the country.

    As the story unfolds over a period of forty years a panorama emerges of love, passion, and devotion, but also the ever present doom and eventual deaths.

    Actually there was a documentary recently on SBS  about the Tsar  Nicholas based on this book, so it was easier to watch than actually read this long long book.

    But  by time I finished reading all about the tragic end of the Tsar and his family  and realizing it was  only 100 yrs ago, I had strange feelings and   found it hard to understand how the ordinary  Russian people coped with this appalling end to their Tsar and his family. I do wonder if any of the people these days understand and think about what happened all those years ago.

    Fortunately I went out for a coffee and got over my strange feelings.



    I understand the mixture of emotions from reading their story.

    There w as a documentary many years ago on their life and death, and I experienced similar emotions, feeling extremely sad at the end.

    My belief is that it was an unnecessary and cruel  massacre.   There would have been other ways to  affect change.

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