A Lovely Day Travelling

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    Yesterday we went with one of our sons to see a house he has bought for an investment. It was a 2 hr drive from Melbourne and up through country areas it is quite a few years since I have travelled through all these country areas, in fact I think it must be at least 10 yrs maybe more.
    What a wonderful trip up through Hepburn Springs up over the Black Spur with all the hundreds of fantastic Tree ferns and towering straight up to the sky Gum trees, the small country towns were a delight to see again,(hey no where did I see any two and three storey ugly glass apartment blocks)

    I wondered why more people don’t live in these country area’s the prices for homes were very reasonable indeed compared to the city, and some lovely homes, but I guess the travelling would turn some people off, although the travelling into the city to work from the suburbs here in Melbourne can take just as long
    Oh by the way the sons home was a delight, its a Heritage home big verandas all around I would just love to live in it.



    Betty, I read your post with great interest.
    Your experience illustrates the beauty of our landscape, and the profoundly gratifying adventure it holds in store for us.
    These things are there, just waiting to unfold before our eyes.
    It demonstrates to me that we don’t need to travel to other countries to see stimulating and wondrous sights.
    We have them all right here.
    And as a plus, less travel means less contamination of the skies.


    Bettym we have so much to see here in Australia. I live in a semi rural area and it’s lovely to turn ff the highway and drive to my home. We also caravan down south and up north WA through some beautiful countryside and small towns so full of history. We recently went to Leinster.We received a beautiful welcome everywhere we went. The weather was extremely hot during our short stay and it was no trouble to shopkeepers,cafe owners or hotel managers to allow us to linger longer in their air conditioned places and not feel obliged to keep buying more than we needed.
    Australia is expensive to travel anywhere ,otherwise I think more people would stay home and not always head to Bali because it’s cheaper

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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