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    I hesitate to write about some things.
    However, what I read and hear in the news often prompts me to overcome my lethargy.
    I hear words like reconciliation, and treaty, and wonder why such things are being considered.
    So here are a few of my thoughts, badly expressed perhaps, but at least they are real thoughts.
    I tender them respectfully for your consideration.

    Could I address myself to the ‘indigenous’, I would ask:
    Why don’t you accept the truth?
    The truth that most of you are a racial mix.
    That you are not fully one thing or another.
    And acknowledge that this is the same for ALL of us.
    That there is no reason whatsoever for you to think you are different from any other australian in this regard.
    You were born here. You ARE the same. You ARE australian.
    You have the same rights, the same privileges, and the same responsibilities as we all have.
    You are part of this great progressive society in which we all live.
    And to be very clear on another point.
    There is no logical justification for thinking that the rest of australia is indebted to you in any way.
    The rest of australia does NOT owe you anything, NOR do they have any need to feel sorry for you.
    What happened, or might have happened in the past, is not directly relevant today.

    You must accept that each person born is born with a clean slate.
    The debts or assets of distant ancestors are not theirs.
    None of us have any reason to feel any shame, guilt, or liability, for something done, or not done, by a long dead ancestor.
    None of us should assume that we are entitled to some extra right or privilege by birth.

    You must accept as fact that two hundred or so years ago, a new culture moved in and established itself here.
    The then occupiers of this land were not able to defend their borders, and had to relinquish control.
    This control passed to the new arrivals.
    The new arrivals then made the necessary decisions to enable their own society to flourish.
    This, or a similar sequence of events, has been repeated countless times, over many many thousands of years, and is still happening today.
    Think of ‘Alexander the Great’, and those of similar ilk, who conquered other ‘countries’ in the not so distant past.
    Their way of doing this was harmful to those places, if one can believe historical reports.
    Thankfully, we are not inclined towards such ’empire building’ now.
    But even today we need to keep in mind that, were we not able to defend our own borders from both inside and out, we might have some ’empire builder’ move in and take control of us.
    Those newcomers would then be the ones making the decisions about how life is lived here.
    They might not be so accommodating of difference.

    At the present time we have people from many different backgrounds and cultures in this country.
    My thought is that australia almost bends over backwards to accommodate people having different needs and outlook.
    If it can do more it will, but only if to do so is both reasonable and practicable.
    But be aware, there WILL be limits on how much it can accommodate difference.
    We must have only one set of laws, and have those laws applied equally and fairly to all.
    Regrettably, there are already exceptions for errant behaviour in some circumstances.
    This must not continue.
    We cannot have different groups with their own laws.
    Doing so would inevitably encourage the growth of these groups.
    Were that to continue, it would be a step towards the breakup of this country from inside its borders.
    We would become a country divided against itself…
    So no continuation of this policy is the order of the day.
    No special laws, no ‘treaties’, no extra ‘chambers’ in parliament, no endless talk about ‘reconciliation’, no meddling with the constitution, please.
    Let us just be australians, one and all, and get on with the job.
    We must stand together.
    We don’t have time for all this infighting.

    To sum up: we are here today, living our lives today.
    What is happening right now, and in the immediate future, is what must be our main concern.
    We can learn from the past, but not live in it.
    We must live today, and make plans for our future.
    A future where all australians have access to equality, and are treated equally under the law.
    Some would have us believe we have a long way to go.
    Maybe so, but I think australia has a lot for which it must rightfully be envied.
    A lot of people seem to want to come here.
    So those ‘new arrivals’ must have done something right?

    What do you think?



    Well said, WTB.   You have, I believe articulated the thoughts of many.

    In some issues, I think acknowledgement is good, and can illustrate real respect, without inducing resentment and anger.



    What you say makes sense. I do think however that we should embrace the 60 000+ years of human history we inherit here, and make it part of what we are today. It will strengthen us in the face of world cultural  imperialism, especially in this coming ‘century of China.



    Salina and bettyh, thank you for your comments.
    We can certainly learn about, and perhaps find benefit from knowing, how people survived here in australia, long ago.
    Not all of the methods or processes devised by the original inhabitants can be used today of course.
    Their way of living, their social structure, is not the way our society has evolved:  it is not the way we live now.
    We don’t use boomerangs for hunting, and we are farmers rather than hunter-gatherers.
    We have learned from what they did though, added our own knowledge, and so reached a way of survival that is comfortable for us all today.
    BUT, this level of survival is best brought about by TEAM effort, not by being many disparate groups, squabbling over inconsequences.
    We won’t progress materially or culturally if we split in to many such groups, with each group fighting to gain some advantage over another.
    Friendly competition is something to be encouraged, but lengthy emotional disagreement is less likely to bring any lasting benefit.
    That is what I think.

    I must add here that I wish more of greypath would bring ideas to these discussions.
    I am sure there are ideas out there, and I am also sure we would all like to hear them.
    Without input, discussions wither and dry up.
    They then blow away like ‘tumbleweeds’ in a desert.
    A nice clean landscape, but not much happening. *_*
    Ho Hum…



    Thinking again about the issue….

    There is now a National Indigenous Television station.   They have interesting programs, and are very informative.

    However, there is one presenter who, whenever I happen to click on when he’s commentating, always looks and sounds very angry.  I understand some frustration and resentment, as has been discussed.  But this fellow, part Aboriginal, well educated in our modern education system and indeed enjoying the fruits of modern civilisation, I feel carries an unnecessary weight of resentment.



    agree would love to see more posters joining in some discussion.

    Agree or disagree , does not matter..in fact good to see a variety of opinions.




    I have been thinking again.
    I must try to break the habit.
    Herewith some of my ‘meanderings’.

    History is an invaluable resource.
    Past civilisations left a record of their lives in script, or inevitably left physical evidence of how they lived.
    We are fortunate this is so.
    From it we learn about the behaviour and activities of our ancestors.
    (from physical evidence and writings we can learn how the world itself ‘behaves’ too, and we know, for example, that the effect of earthquake and volcano activity needs to be allowed for)
    We learn how past civilisations developed, and to some degree, how they thought.
    We can see ‘trends’ in human behaviour.
    We can see that the ‘mood’ of the population in general is mirrored in the clothes they wear.
    We can see so much.
    We LEARN from it.
    One thing we should NOTE clearly about our past.
    We do NOT inherit any special privilege from it.
    It is the knowledge it can provide that is paramount.
    Every day we live is a new page to be explored and used wisely by us.
    We cannot live yesterday again.
    We CANNOT live in the past.
    It is history, it is gone.
    Be aware of the past by all means.
    Gain what we can from it.
    Use that knowledge to our advantage.
    But don’t try to bring the past with us.
    The past would be a heavy load to carry.
    Carrying it would cause unduly slow progress for us, and disrupt the way we live life now.
    We cannot live today how they lived back then.
    Our ways have changed and evolved.
    So better to keep a clean slate?
    Begin a fresh page of life each day?
    Using knowledge gained from the past of course. *_*



    We are one nation, not two.
    We are one peoples, not two.
    We have one flag, not two.
    All citizens have the same rights, privileges, responsibilities.
    Those who cannot accept this reality should retire to a quiet place, and there think long and hard.
    Are your alternative views really valid?
    And, importantly, whose views are these?
    What exactly is it that you are trying to achieve?
    What exactly is it that justifies your moves towards this goal?

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