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    The AFL seems to think they are  moral guardians .  Latest example…two executives have been forced to resign due to ‘inappropriate relations’.
    Surely a person’s personal life should be just that…personal.
    The affairs were consensual according to the story, so what right has the AFL to step in and declare it inappropriate?   They may well be inappropriate by some peoples standards.   But it is the business of the people involved, not the AFL’s.
    This is not harassment we’re talking about.
    And, by the way, why are the women not forced to resign?
    Australian Football has turned into a morass of political correctness.   I like my footy, but the game itself seems to take second place to so many other issues.


    Edit to correct one point.   It seems the two women involved do not work for the AFL anymore.

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    Could not agree more Salina, I’m more than a little sick of the moral police in sports. If the AFL hadn’t said anything, nobody in the public would have known. I don’t know of any other employer who takes so much control over their employees lives with the possible exception of the ADF.

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