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    We certainly couldn’t miss the football  story of the year, where Andrew Gaff swings a punch at another player, with devastating results.   Thousands of words have been written, mostly condemning the young fellow.

    I reckon it was accidental, no question in my mind, but very few seem to agree with that notion.  I think he swung meaning to hit lower in the body.   Talk of criminal action is over the top, as far as I’m concerned.  Terrible for the other bloke, who has very serious injuries, but to compare what happened with cases of drugged up yobbos punching up people just walking past them is wrong I believe.



    I see it differently.
    Football is a GAME, not a WAR.
    For one player to be willing to punch another player with that much force is in itself a cause for great concern.
    My personal view is that it should result in permanent suspension if it is shown to be as it appears on camera.
    No more half measures.
    Rid the game of this behaviour.
    Set a standard that viewers can admire.
    Give people confidence they will see SPORT, not something else.
    How can you admire players who behave like hooligans?


    eight weeks suspension,  ought to have been 80 weeks,  I played soccer for my school as a boy,   we were against the opposition,  not an enemy,  at the end of a game if we won we would say “bad luck”  to the other team,  if we lost we would say “congratulations”  and there was no way we would deliberately hurt an opponent,  but of course  in those days everything was different,  any fights  were one to one,  not six to one with knives and boots,  we have a growing group of cowardly bullies,



    Thanks for your comments, gentlemen.   I understand what you both are saying…certainly agree 8 weeks suspension is fairly light for such a serious incident.   Somehow, though, I still can’t see it as a deliberate action, considering Andrew Gaffs’ background as a clean footballer and rising star of the game.       I do hope that both boys will eventually really get past it and learn from it.  As I say, in my opinion, it is a completely different situation from deliberate bullying and idiotic, drunken punch-ups.



    AS I have said before the footballers these days are turning into thugs!!

    Although I am not a football fan I see enough on TV to turn me right off. The number of times a guy just grabs an opposition player around the neck and pulls him or throws him down to the ground is disgusting, also  footballers many times are carried  off with concussion through unnecessary tackles . Its time the AFL looked into the play,stiffer penalties are way overdue.

    Our sons played soccer when young, no way were they playing football it was to0 rough , and that was back in the 80’s.



    Games are about tactics and skill, not tackle and kill.
    Do spectators really want to see the players brawling during the game?
    If they do, what does that say for the morals and principles of those spectators.
    I have an idea we can learn a lesson about this from ancient Rome, but cannot bring to mind the relevant detail.
    Learned persons would surely know.
    I am hopeful they will enlighten us.
    Should someone punch a police officer like that, break his jaw, cause loss of teeth and so on, there would be a different outcome I am quite sure.
    That is something we should remember, when getting this incident in to proper perspective.
    It is still my contention that the actions of that player were totally inexcusable.
    Strong action by those who oversee the sport should have followed.
    It seems it did not.
    Perhaps there are circumstances which partially alleviate any culpability?


    A Punch any punch Anywhere, mandatory 1 week minimum !

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