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    Regarding bullying on social media. I have never heard anyone who is supposed to know (expert) about these matters suggest the ‘victim’ either switch off, block the caller or close the account. Is that not an option?



    Hullo Greer lovely to see your name up on the coffee house site. Yes I agree with you I often say why the heck don’t they  just switch off  and then block that caller. Humans are becoming stupid these days and that’s not just me saying that.



    The social media “page” may not belong to the victim. The victim may stay offline or even cancel their (for example: Facebook account).

    That will not stop the bullies posting material or comments about the victim that the victim’s friends will continue to see.

    You can block calls made to your own phone. You can block emails sent to your email account. You cannot stop posts and comments to public websites and Facebook pages.

    Some page admins will be alert to bullying issues and block the bullies. Other may not be so alert and some admins appear not to care.

    I do not think it is always a simple matter to switch off networks built around social media platforms. If you are of school age (and I won’t comment on school age people using social media), even if you are not connected many of your “friends” will be and so you will become aware of bad things said about you on a public site.

    If you are an adult working in modern journalism, for example, you may depend on being able to post and engage with people via social media. Switching off may deprive you of career opportunities.

    Social media is a fact of modern life. The law, and social attitudes, and parenting skills have a ways to catch up with the use and abuse of technology.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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