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    My elderly neighbour is in hospital recovering from a stroke and, as she also has very shaky hands, she can no longer knit or crochet. She so wants to do something constructive. She does not read or do crosswords. I’m at a loss what to suggest or take her. They say she will have to go into care soon but she is trying to build up enough strength to go home instead. I certainly miss her.


    What a kind person you are abirdo & how fortunate that lady is to have you for a neighbour. I guess when you visit her you stay for at least an hour, you could take a book (With large print)something you think that would interest her, a mystery perhaps, you would probably the kind of programme your neighbour was interested on the TV would give you such an idea of her interests. After having read to her & stimulated her interest in the story when you think the next chapter or part is going to be the most interesting ,say, “that’s it ’til next time!” She will find that so frustrating, she’ll hopefully want to start reading herself?!
    Another idea abirdo,does your neighbour play cards (my husband used to attend a group who played cards, they were very keen card players, not being a card player I have no idea, what card game it was)I wouldn’t want you leading any upright citizen astray, starting a Poker group in that ward abirdo,but just a couple of ideas!


    I know there are big playing cards so I’ll definitely sound her out on that one Tulip. Thanks



    Can I add a male perspective?
    List what abilities this nice lady has.
    Can see see, hear, feel, speak, move with some facility?
    What are or were her hobbies?
    That should narrow the field a bit.
    And there is always the benefit of trying something new.
    Ask the staff there.
    They must be aware of a wide variety of activities undertaken by the patients?
    She does sound alert and positive.
    So do you.
    What about simply ‘window-shopping’ for ideas.
    Look in to newsagents and novelty shops?
    It occurs to me that you will gain as much from this endeavour as the lady will.
    I am going to ask my neighbours, to see if they can add ideas.
    Good luck!



    It is sunday, so only one neighbour to ask.
    When I asked him what the lady could usefully do, he said:
    ‘complain a lot’.
    Then he asked, ‘how long is she likely to be like this?’
    I didn’t know.
    He then ventured: ‘perhaps she could join or even start a singing group.’
    Apparently local councils organise such events, especially for those recovering from a disability like this.
    Available in the community, so why not in-situ?
    That is the best I can do for today, except suggest you ask a relevant council officer for ideas.
    Councils cannot be unaware of these needs in the community.
    How urgent is this?


    Thanks WTB. The lady has an excellent family who always do their best for her as she used to do for them. She also is taken to ‘activities’ in the care facility next door but of course it is hard for her when she has been used to doing things for the family like baking, child minding and sewing. These simple tasks are what she misses most along with pottering in her garden. I do hope she is able to return home even for a little while. In our area of town the blocks are one to twelve acres so being confined to 4 walls is also hard.


    Perhaps she could dictate a Family Cook Book for her relatives to keep as a momento of all her baking.

    Or, if she has any family photos, sort and get someone to label them all for future reference. Our family did this with a sick mum and found it an amazing exercise … all those memories, people and places, which could have been lost forever.

    I later digitised many of them with the accompanying invaluable  info and sent them off to be made into family photobooks for all.



    I really hope she does regain enough strength to return home.

    I would  encourage her, above anything else, to focus on any exercises given, as that will determine the amount of strength that will return.



    My overnight thought was that this lady seeks and needs mental exercise as well as physical exercise.
    Perhaps she could use a modern version of a tape recorder to record stuff?
    But Jen beat me to it.
    I must doff my hat to a lady yet again.
    I will step back and listen now.
    Best thing to do I think.

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