Bad Karma

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    I don’t know what we all did in this family  to get this bad Karma  or maybe its just our turn to have things go wrong, equipment failures,  etc. It started with car  problems with four of our family,  our daughters car out of action for three weeks, as it was rear ended, then the dryer gave up had to be replaced, then the dish washer had a water problem, had to go to factory, for four days my computer has played up, finally gave up. I was told its old another is needed but fortunately one son is very computer literate so he managed to bring  it all online again, but with new  programs that I have now had to learn again, mainly my E mails, a   totally new setting a bit confusing. In between its my operations on eyes, plus new filling on a  tooth. I wait to see what is next .  Oh well

    I thought maybe it meant  my turn for a good win on lotto but no such luck !!!


    Hope you’ve had your share BettyH and things look up from now on.

    Here’s a good karma badge to kick things off.



    bettyh, welcome to life.
    Life is often frustrating, always challenging, and occasionally has bright moments.
    Its biggest advantage is that ‘nothing stays the same forever’.
    There is constant change.
    So on average, a ‘run of outs’ should be followed by a ‘run of ins’.
    So be of good cheer.
    Next week might surprise you.
    And if all else fails, you can always come here and talk to us?
    Not a very big plus maybe, but at least it is something.
    What I am really trying to say to you is ‘be of good cheer’.
    You had challenges, you met them, you overcame them, you have lived life.
    You have shown your resilience.
    So carry on regardless.
    And please keep us informed.



    Thanks ever so much Jen I think I will print that badge out and pin it up.

    Also many thanks William , I agree with the kind words ,just sometimes  life comes back and bites you on the bum as I say ( excuse the  rude word) just as every thing was going good. You then think  what the heck is going on !!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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