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    Thank goodness someone said at last

    “Leave Barnaby alone”  the poor man has been harassed nonstop,  he said on the news last night they have had the media camped outside their place, following them nonstop etc.  The situation they now have themselves in is no different to lots of other couples, but I guess its because Barnaby is an Aussie Politician the media think its ok to  harass the poor guy, and obviously they feel there is   no other news to write about – so  I say also “leave them alone “


    Barnany Joyce and his partner are both old enough to have realised That what they were doing would send the media and some of the public into a frenzy.
    I know nothing about his marriage but I do know that he has children who will be copping it left right and centre about their Dad.
    The Dad who thought family and being faithful was important.
    He called for privacy then does a TV interview which according to the media he is blaming his partner for because she wanted to do it.
    Now he’s taking leave so he can cry oh woe is me into his weeties every morning because his wages have dropped and everyone is picking on him.
    I’m sorry Barnaby but when you cheat on your wife , as we are led to believe that you did, then have a baby with the new love of your life and you are a well known politician you cannot hide.
    He couldn’t keep the possibility that it wasn’t his child to himself either, mmmm what are you saying about the character of your partner Barnaby.
    He has to expect to be hassled by press until something comes along that is more newsworthy.
    I do not feel sorry for him or his partner but I do that poor baby who will read all about this one day.
    Everyone knows what hungry wolves the media are.


    I think Barnaby and his partner Vikki Campion are far more experienced with the press than most of us.

    Apparently …

    When Vikki Campion was 21 years old, the budding journalist was a cadet reporter at the Townsville Bulletin. A hard-worker, Vikki won News Corps’ Young Journalist of the year award. Vikki continued a career as a journalist for 8 years until moving into media adviser roles for politicians.

    Vikki is familiar with newspaper headlines, not because she’s used to being in them, but because she used to write them. Vikki is a former journalist, previously acting as The Daily Telegraph’s urban affairs reporter. In May 2016, Vikki was employed in Barnaby Joyce’s office as a media advisor to the deputy prime minster.




    I’m not excusing, judging or otherwise, but I have a feeling there’s more to this story than is known.



    My thought is still that we should ‘butt out’ and leave them to live their private life as they see fit.
    Salina is right. We don’t know all the ins and outs of what happened, so we must avoid being unjust with any criticism.
    Even if we did know all, would we want to be involved in their private lives?
    But they have ‘gone public’ with some of their circumstances, so light comment might be in order.
    It appears they are in love.
    If their love endures, I hope it is one of the (few?) good things to come out of their situation.
    There will be many downsides to balance that out I am sure.
    But ’tis an ill wind which blows no good, so one can hope it won’t be all bad.

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