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    We all have private principles and ideas of our own.
    We also have laws, which should reflect the public’s majority opinion.
    Whilst we need to comply with laws, it doesn’t mean we all agree with them.
    We can discuss issues publicly and at length, and if majority consensus is reached, changes should be made.
    It is happening all the time. Think of laws against homosexuality. Think of same sex marriage.
    People disagreed. People discussed. Public opinion changed. Changes to the law were made.
    We should note that nearly half of the parliament is made up of those who disagree with the other ‘half’.
    Not only are we entitled to hold a different view of something, we are entitled to state and discuss that view publicly.
    Never should a person be ‘shut down’ for wanting to discuss his different opinion in a sensible and logical way.
    This applies to climate change ‘sceptics’ too.
    We also express differing opinions in greypath.
    Bettina Arndt didn’t so much express a different view as ask a question to encourage thoughtful reflection.
    And just for that, anger is directed at her.
    Those doing that should hang their collective head in shame.
    And one more thing.
    I would rather live now in our more enlightened society than 200 years ago when thinking was stagnant.
    It must have been a rotten time to be alive.

Viewing 10 post (of 10 total)
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