can anyone tell me

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    can anyone tell me how to save emails and copy them to a cd?



    Mal, in my system, when I right click on an email in the LIST, it gives me the option to save it.
    There is also an option to save it in the email itself.
    It is saved as a .eml file. (.eml = email?)
    In my case these saved files open easily using an email programme. (I use thunderbird)

    Another thing you could do is highlight the body of the text, (with the mouse) and right click to save it that way.
    Then it could be a text file. (.txt)
    It would have a COPY of any link in it too.
    Doing it this way, you would need to type in to the text file the heading and the date of the email.
    Also, save the attachments separately.

    Text files are quite small, so you would need a thousand of them to make saving them to disk worthwhile.
    Better to save them to a USB drive?
    Those are the ones you mostly plug in the the side of a laptop, or in to the back of a desktop computer.
    Sometimes called a ‘thumb-drive’, or a ‘usb-stick’.
    They are cheaper overall, and much more convenient than a CDROM or a DVD.

    When you plug in a USB drive, its icon should appear on your desktop?
    You can double click this icon to ‘open’ the drive.
    Then copy and paste or cut and paste in to it the files you want to save.

    I do a lot of saving to USB drives these days.
    USB drives have a LOT of storage capacity.
    Very convenient to keep near the computer, or to carry around with you, or to post to a friend.
    The equivalent would be a re-writeable cd, but these have a relatively low capacity.
    Or you could use a standard CDROM instead. It has the same ‘low’ capacity.

    When you save to a CD, you would need a ‘disk-burning’ programme.
    Not sure what you would use on your system. (I mostly use one called K3b)

    I hope all this helps just a little bit.
    Sorry to be so long winded, but sometimes simple actions seem to need a lot of words to describe them.
    Others probably know of a simple way to do what you want, and will tell you much better than I can. *_*


    thankyou william,  i’ll give it a try



    Mal, I have been experimenting.
    If you save them as a .eml file, they do appear to keep their integrity.
    The links remain active, and the attachments are accessible.
    So just take the easy way out and use the ‘save’ function in the email.
    The .eml files should open with your email program when you want to view them again..
    Still a good idea to use a USB drive for storage though. (I think)
    So lots of .eml files on a usb drive seems to be the best way?
    Good luck.
    Just another quick thought.
    If you save them for a long time, any ‘link’ in the email might be out of date, and the website it links to might not be there any more.

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