Chaos in WA

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    Announced Saturday Evening….


    I applied for priority delivery from Woolworths. I can once more order my shopping online and it’s delivered to my doorstep. No contact with the driver and no signing for shopping now. The driver takes a photo of the shopping on the doorstep. I am in WA close to the wheatbelt region.


    I received my order from Coles today, thank goodness. Exactly the same as you, Rachel, photo of one of my items to show they were delivered.\

    Had quite a few substitutes for items out of stock. The only thing they couldn’t substitute was the pack of toilet rolls!!


    Hibiscusrose,each time I try and order toilet rolls there’s none available or gone by the time my order is packed. If the toilet paper manufacturers are working around the clock as we are led to believe then where are all those toilet rolls going as there’s a limit on how many can be purchased.
    However I am very grateful to be able to order online and get grocery deliveries. A few days ago Coles in WA said that they are still working on starting deliveries again.
    Stay safe and well everyone

Viewing 4 posts - 10 through 13 (of 13 total)
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