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    Why, when every time they talk about the upheaval going on  in cricketing Australia do we see every blooming time  on TV, the view of the cricket guy putting his  hand with the piece of sandpaper into his tr0users. We must have seen it at least 12 times  over the weekend Even when the talk is about people in the cricketing world and nothing to do with   “that”  particular game we still get shown that view . Before, after, and in-between whilst they talk about  cricket  Boring!!!





    The time honoured tradition of carefully choosing the most sensational pic, regardless of the story content,  lives on.



    Someone is pandering to what he sees as the public’s desire for sensationalism.
    He does this to sell media content, whatever form this takes.
    He will only succeed in his nefarious scheme if you let him.
    Don’t let him!


    Also, it’s time they lifted the ban on the three players.

    It’s gone on for too long.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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