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    Usually, I can find some recompense in each day that passes.
    Each day, I try to do something I can look back on, and think of as worthwhile.
    At day’s end I reflect: mostly I can see that I have achieved something, or that I have made progress in some way.
    But strangely, I am finding that the occasional day can pass by almost unnoticed.
    I wonder if others also find this to be true.
    When that happens, I get the feeling I am not getting proper ‘value’ from all days.
    Then I ask myself: am I treating days as if I have an endless supply of them?
    Am I allowing myself to ‘fritter’ a few away, thinking it won’t matter?
    None of us have an endless supply of days. None of us.
    So, like money, we should use what we have wisely, and with extreme care.
    Which means a bit more thinking, a bit more planning, and a bit more effort.
    We need to LIVE each day, and USE each day.
    Some days are for recreation, some days are for other things, and some are a mixture.
    And of course, we must always put our own inimitable ‘stamp’ on all things that we do.


    Well said William.
    Despite my best efforts, I still manage to waste some days.



    I think we all do.
    But perhaps we should keep that a secret? ^_^
    We don’t want to start a trend?


    After three ‘near death’ admissions to hospital a couple of years ago … I now fritter away each day with a vengeance LOL.

    I’ve turned time-wasting into an art form and am loving it.


    Gold Class

    I don’t see anything wrong with “wasting” a day, you are still thinking, still wondering, and above all your heart is still beating… is like a holiday to wile away the day, not every day should be jam-packed with chores, visits and talking……I myself moved to Mackay, hate the place, but it’s cheaper rent than anywhere else. I’d love to meet an intelligent man, someone who has grace, intelligence and qualities, but they aren’t around anymore so you have to do what comes naturally, and if that’s wasting a day just sitting and reading or sleeping or whatever, than enjoy it!….if anyone has any ideas on where seniors can rent long-term I’d be interested. Not with meals. I am 80 Xmas Day and I don’t need tablets, or home help, I’m as fit as a 60yr old my doctors say, I can do anything. It is such a pity that AGE stops me working. I’ve got qualifications and they are now all wasted, such a pity. Volunteering has not been good here and I’m looking at travelling now, but trying to find someone to go with is another problem. One step in front of the other so they say!….



    I really must take a class on how to express myself adequately.
    In my original post I meant to convey that we should be AWARE of how we spend each day.
    Not let them pass by unnoticed.
    If our intention is to have a rest and recreation day, then we should have it.
    And we should make sure we do the R&R so well, we will be glad to come back for a ‘re-run’ at another time.
    And later, after sunset, we can look back on a day well spent.

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