Election Time

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    With elections looming, I got to thinking about how and why we make the decisions in life that we do.
    For this, I think we need to remember that most of the principles we use to underpin life come from a theory.
    A theory is our best conclusion about something, based on facts we observe about it.
    Theories explain how we THINK things work.
    We use principles derived from theories to assess situations, and so guide daily life.
    Overall, I think we do quite well.

    But theories are not fixed. It is VITAL to remember that!
    Ongoing investigation by curious and resourceful persons changes and extends our knowledge base all the time.
    We have only just scratched the surface of the truth of our world.
    We are learning about it almost non-stop.
    The earth is not flat. The earth travels AROUND the sun on its path through space.
    Once it was deemed otherwise.
    There is always something new to be learned. (•◡•)
    Theories, and principles we derive from them, must change to keep pace with new knowledge.
    We must face up to any necessary change, and not allow ourselves to be locked in to any one mental state.
    Even if something new IS a bit uncomfortable for us to accept.

    For the coming election, do you know the man or woman for whom you will be voting?
    Have you met him or her?
    Why do you think he or she will be the best person to represent your interests and views on the floor of parliament?
    Is it because some person or group, of whom you know almost nothing, selected them for the job?
    Are you taking the word of that person or group without demur?
    Basing your decision on an advertised ‘party line’ perhaps?
    Without even a semblance of further investigation?
    If so, is that wise?
    Could you do better?
    Keep in mind, if candidates can’t or don’t make contact with you now, can you be sure that, if elected, they will keep you informed of what they are doing then?
    Or will they be faceless entities?

    If you have not heard from the candidates in your electoral district, find out who they are, and make contact.
    Ask them: who are you, and why should I vote for you?
    Listen carefully to any response, and expect to hear reasoned argument, along with information about THEM, the candidate.
    Are they up to the mark in sincerity of thought?
    Be discerning!
    Don’t accept prevarication and devious waffle.
    Remember; you deserve better.
    That is what I think anyway.


    🙂 LOL William, sometimes … I think you think … nobody knows how to think but you.

    I’ve already thunked mine and will be watching their upcoming campaigns very closely.



    Jen, when I was in high school, I answered an examination question in one line.
    I thought the answer was adequate. It covered the essentials.
    I got almost zero marks for it.
    I was told I needed to expand on, and justify, all of the points I referred to in my short answer.
    I could not just assume a reader would understand the direction of my thoughts.
    So after that I avoided short answers or commentary.
    I wrote my answers at great length, and used at least twice as many sheets of paper as any other student did in every examination.
    I suppose the habit has lingered.
    You might remember we knew how to write with a pen on paper back then.
    Unfortunately, I also learned to type for my work. That habit has lingered on too.
    But seriously, I think that everyone who writes, and makes an effort to include detail, could be said to be a ‘bit over the top’?
    It was not my intention to be so, or to cause any kind of concern.
    I will bear your comment in mind.
    I thank you for it.
    I also thank you for reminding me of the correct past participle for ‘I think’.
    I will bear that in mind too. ^_^

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