Election Time

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    For all practical purposes, it is with us.

    Any description of an incident consists of a series of details or facts.
    These are joined together in to the one narrative.
    Each detail has a natural emphasis within the story.
    This gives a story its overall ‘tone’ or ‘resonance’.
    If and when one or more ‘facts’ are given undue emphasis, or instead deliberately minimised, it alters the tone and resonance.
    The story can appear to say something not in line with the facts upon which it is based.
    Its impact is different.

    So when we hear a story given in the news, particularly a contentious one, we need to glean the facts carefully.
    We then need to use our common sense to give each fact its rightful emphasis.
    That way we can understand what the story really is.
    We can then assess its impact upon us.

    Many news items have details ‘manipulated’ to give a story a meaning or relevance it did not have before.
    Particularly at election time.
    We need to ‘read between the lines’, assiduously!
    That is what I will do.
    I will discard all the ‘waffle’, and concentrate on the nuts and bolts of each issue.

    It seems to me that for a democracy to work well, we must be willing to consider alternatives.
    Not approach voting with a fixed attitude in place.
    We should work out the pros and cons of plans offered for our attention, and make the wisest decision we can.

    I was watching news on the ABC, and noting how PK responded to the lady she was questioning.
    PK’s body language was very revealing.
    I am pleased to say it was positive.
    It occurred to me that we older persons are, in some ways, very lucky.
    We have more time to listen to up to date news items, and evaluate them.

    We should be very well informed on current events.
    Note I say ‘should be’.
    We are not perfect. We just do our best.
    It is a lot of hard work for us at election time though.
    I think we need an allowance for tea, coffee, biscuits, to sustain us?

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