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    Having been given a stack of papers and photos from way back in the past
    ) this small piece I am sure will have some young folk laughing.
    A gentleman should always open the door for a lady to enter first
    This is obligatory, not in the case of the lady who accompanies him, but also in that of any strange lady who chances to be about to enter at the same time.

    A gentleman will answer courteously any question which a lady may address to him upon the street, at the same time lifting his hat or at least touching it respectfully.

    A well bred man shall never smoke upon the streets, lest he insult a lady in his company, In meeting and saluting a lady he will always remove his cigar from his mouth.

    Shouting is a certain sign of vulgarity. First approach and make your communication to your friend or acquaintance in a moderately loud tone of voice.

    When a lady wishes to enter a house or room, if a gentleman accompanies her, he should hold the door open and allow her to enter first, if practicable: , for a gentleman must never pass before a lady anywhere if he can avoid it, or without an apology
    Extract Rules and usages of the best society in the Australian colonies
    Melbourne 1886



    Fast forward to the 1950s…

    Ladies first is a good old rule
    But no wise girl will fuss
    When a gentleman steps ahead of her
    To help her off a bus.

    Thank you Betty for that glimpse of times gone by.
    I remember those guidelines, so they must have been ‘the way of the day’ for a long time afterwards.



    I could have added:
    Fast forward to the 2000’s…
    Shoulders, elbows, knees; anything needed to push others aside and get there first.
    It is a sign mild panic is spreading in the community.
    Settling slowly as a mantle over society.
    People are confused, causing this panic to set in?
    I have noticed particularly that a group of mid-teens girls, with ‘distant’ faces, will walk straight at you in a shopping centre, and expect you to get out of their way.
    My strategy it to stop, so they must either barge right in to me, or change course to go around me.
    They do the latter.
    I wonder if they will remember their thoughtless behaviour when they are older?
    Likely not.



    Wonderful stuff.  I can remember it all too.   It hasn’t all completely disappeared though.  I often see young men holding doors open for ladies.

    Haven’t seen any cigar smoking men though.LOL


    All the young people I run into these days seem to be very friendly, polite  and helpful.

    On the opposite end of the scale I also see certain people who respond to a friendly greeting with a grunt (so rude) or a ranty whinge. Believe it or not, the vast majority of these folk are well past age 70. So sad to see.



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