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    The Lovely autumn weather has finished for the time being but  we enjoyed the lovely days  whilst we had them. Down by the sea here in Bayside Melbourne the weather has just been fabulous,  blue skies not a cloud to be seen, water also blue not a wave to be seen ,the bay was so calm that it looked like a mirror  the tide way out .The seagulls and pelicans were a fabulous sight there were  hundreds of them all clustered on  all the rocks that were exposed, all making for fabulous  photos.


    🙂 Sounds wonderful BettyM.


    Sounds lovely Bettym. Here in the Lower west WA we have had sunny days but a very cold wind blowing for a few days now. Our daytime temperature is dropping to around 16 for a couple of days next week. Way too cold for me. I am used to migrating north at this time of the year. Currently we can only go as far as Jurien Bay,still not warm enough for me lol.


    I enjoy the cold too.
    I detest Summer. That heat was awful.

    Craig SwansonCraig Swanson

    How about the devastating heatwave last summer that caused our worst ever wildfires. Pray we dont have a repeat next summer.

    Sydney enjoyed some lovely autumn weather. My favorite season. First day of winter and it is pleasant 20c with plenty of sun. Virus restrictions have been removed in my state from today with travel now allowed within our borders. Zoos, museums, and some entertainment venues have also been re opened  and up to 50 persons can now frequent pubs and clubs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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