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    As I have said many times I am no football fan these days,  The little I do see on the news just confirms what I have said before ,the footie players are turning into THUGS. Every game these days someone ,or two, or three, are helped off the ground because of  injury mostly caused by another player from the other team. Concussion is far more prevalent than it ever was before. Little do these players realize they are in for some far more serious health problems as they get older  caused by this very rough play .Actually the Rugby players are also getting very thuggish in their play.

    Dusty WA
    Dusty WA

    AFL now bears no resemblance to football as we knew it ,more like a cross country wrestle and the dance of the sugarplum fairies



    “AFL now bears no resemblance to football as we knew it ,more like a cross country wrestle and the dance of the sugarplum fairies”


    Dusty  couldn’t agree more.   They change the rules evry five minutes, as well as the stlyle of the jumpers.   What a joke.


    When I saw “Football ”  on the title I thought you were writing about Football,  not that Victorian rubbish game.    In the world cup ( real football)  Aus was beaten by France by one goal,  but that was to be expected,  France is one of the heavyweights of the game.  England beat Tunisia by one goal this morning,  but that was to be expected as well.

    Bear in mind that Australia has a very small population,  and very few play proper football,  so the Aus soccer players do very well indeed,  even better than the men are the womens team,  the  Matildas are as good as any in the world


    So happy OPTUS have failed big time with their streaming not working debacle. Soccer back on SBS for 24 hours.

    Watched Korea Vs Sweden and Tunisia Vs England last night.

    I enjoy all footy codes in their big games Mal.


    Dusty and Salina, I recently found out a little AFL history.

    AFL was started by a cricketer LOL.

    At the age of 14, young Tom Wills was sent to England to attend Rugby School, where he became captain of its cricket team, and played an early version of rugby football. In 1858, Tom Wills, now famous cricketer and captain of the Victoria cricket team, called for the formation of a “foot-ball club” with its own “code of laws”. An informal Melbourne team played that winter and was officially formed in May 1859. After founding the Melbourne Football Club, Wills co-wrote the first laws of Australian football. He and his cousin H. C. A. Harrison spearheaded the sport’s development as captains, umpires and administrators.

    Cousins Tom Wills and H. C. A. Harrison.

    No wonder they don’t tackle like Rugby and Rugby League … the first field was too hard.

    Football in the Richmond Paddock, 1860s. The field’s hard playing surface influenced Wills’ codification of the game.

    Tom Wills had a famous but sad history.

    Wills’ father and 18 others were murdered in the largest massacre of settlers by Aborigines in Australian history. Wills survived and resumed playing sport upon his return to Victoria in 1864, and in 1866–67, led an Aboriginal cricket team on an Australian tour as its captain-coach.

    About Tom Wills … click here.

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