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    Friday seems to be an important day.
    It ends the working week for many.
    A good time to relax and ‘let your hair down’.
    A good time to stop and review past days as well.

    I thought I would change tack, and offer something a bit different this time.
    Here are a few of my ‘swipes and gripes’ for the week.
    The following observations are meant in a kindly way.
    I am not seeking to raise the ire of anyone.

    Patricia (PK) showed (fleeting) unusual emotion during her first ‘Friday Fix’ on 19th july last.
    Nice to see those moments of feeling from her.
    What will happen this week?
    Patricia is normally bright and cheerful, but businesslike with it.
    She is a good parent too.
    I admire her tenacity, and hope she has success with all her personal endeavours.
    Go girl!

    Karina C. has become dispirited, tired, and bored by it all?
    Her voice barely makes it to the surface, and often fades out during her news reading.
    Her demeanour tells us something too.
    I hope she brightens up soon.
    Is there something happening ‘behind the scenes’?
    Karina was one of my favourites during her earlier years.

    Weather presenters, and those of scientific bent, are still talking about ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ temperatures.
    They should know better.
    Especially the scientists.
    Come on Brian Cox and others. Get with it.

    Which brings to mind Brian’s presentations.
    I wish he would leave out the ‘it’s lovely’, ‘it’s beautiful’, comments.
    And stop stretching a few facts to cover an hour of something resembling a movie.
    All that dramatic music with images to fill in the gaps is nice, but it is not science.
    I find that mode of presentation to be soporific.
    So I fall asleep.
    Definitely not what is intended?

    The weather is fine here.
    We swing in to the spring quarter in about two weeks.
    It is not officially spring until september of course.
    I finished trimming the trees on wednesday, and am hoping they won’t grow so fast now.
    I gave them a good ‘talking to’.  (•◡•)
    Who else has some friday ‘swipes and gripes’ to share?
    I can’t be the only one surely?


    Hi everyone , In-between going away for a few days with my daughter who has been on holidays from work I get back and have the usual troubles with my computer which tends to tell me I have no connections to the internet, plus my printer then decides to die , then when the computer decides to behave and I go to pay some accounts on line, the various companies have decided to change their layout of their account pages and I am left wondering what the heck they mean with various must state this and that requests.
    Honestly !!! Technology was meant to make life easier for people, huh I reckon its made life much more difficult , nothing seems to come with instructions oh look it up on the internet we get told, that’s fine if you can find anything you need in a hurry on the internet.
    Ok Williamthebold will these few grizzles of mine do for the Friday fizz??



    They sure will Betty. Thank you.
    I am aware you have many problems with your computer and internet access.
    Can you not get some help from a technically minded person amongst your family or friends?
    A long time ago I also had ‘heart-aches’ when I used the ‘windows’ system.
    I shudder when I think about them.
    I switched systems to LINUX, and have never looked back in sorrow again.
    I know we were not ‘brought up’ with computers, but really it is not so difficult.
    We oldies are quite clever, and very adaptable?
    And anyway, we must keep ahead of the ‘youngsters’?
    I hope it all works out for you.


    Thanks Williamthebold Yes my husband is very good with all this technology plus my sons, but unfortunately it drives my husband mad, my computer is connected through to his modem he can often work out the problems with my computer but unfortunately they come back again. My eldest son is very good but unfortunately he is very busy being a company manager and is not available during the week , he did say once my computer is old and probably needs replacing, my second son has just left Melbourne for a six months managerial work position in the USA., and my number three son is with Virgin so also not around home much.
    The word around the traps here is Optus has all sorts of problems these days and with NBN due to come in there is not much happening to fix problems that many people seem to be having here in Bayside. So I will just have to put up with this slow machine that tells me frequently’ no connection’ till I decide to lash out and buy another new one



    I think you need a new computer Betty.
    That will keep you happy.
    Try being a bit of a grouch till the family suddenly appear with a brand new laptop for you?
    Afterwards, be as sweet as pie to them.
    Then they will feel rewarded.
    I am quite sure I don’t need to remind you what to do. ^_^
    With xmas just around the corner, that is another option?

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