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    More swipes and gripes to muddle your mind.
    I have thought back over recent social ‘reports’ to see if any incident has obvious ‘weight’.
    The following observations are my own.
    I have kept comments simple and of a general nature.
    I have avoided being overly explicit about any matter.

    The sails were trimmed and set.
    The sea was calm.
    The wind in the right quarter.
    On friday the 26th, the good ship Friday-Fixx sailed serenely on, with the redoubtable PK at the helm.
    No sudden surges to disrupt it’s smooth progress this time.
    Friday at six, we all had out fixx?
    (I think ‘fixx’ is a better ‘word’ to use here)
    Same again this friday night?

    So officers of the AFP unlawfully (without valid authorisation) accessed metadata on more than one hundred occasions?
    Such actions are serious, and not something to be treated lightly.
    ‘It was an administrative oversight’ really means ‘we were careless’, and is not good enough as an excuse.
    As a defence, it would be inadequate in a court were a member of the public charged with a similar misdemeanour.
    Should a formal penalty for those transgressions be applied to the officers concerned?
    That might encourage them to be more professional?
    Such an approach is supposed to work for the general public.

    I wish people would cease using the word ‘that’, when ‘who’ or ‘which’ are more appropriate.
    ‘Who’ for persons and human entities, and ‘which’ for inanimate objects such as packages and so on.
    ‘That’ or ‘those’ to draw attention to one or more particular objects or matters.
    Allowing for the inevitable ‘exceptions’ on which people will insist.

    The hunt in canada for two young men draws our attention.
    It is gravely saddening when people are killed for no good reason.
    Bear in mind no person has control over how his mind is configured before he is born.
    Unfortunately, some will draw ‘short straws’.
    As a consequence, killers don’t have the control over their instinctive behaviour which some would have us believe they have.
    They are born with a predisposition to behave in a certain way, and social circumstances provide them with ‘incentive’ and ‘means’.
    However, death followed by more death is not favoured by any general public?
    People rightly require that those who commit harsh acts be located and separated from the rest of society.
    I wonder if those two young men are still alive?
    Sadly, normal social life for them is no longer possible?

    Australia is at the forefront of scientific and medical advance and development.
    It seems that hardly a week goes by without the announcement of some new innovation in these fields.
    We are fortunate to live in a country of clever and forward thinking people.
    Now, if only the government would catch up.
    For one thing, we would have better internet?

    A garden cannot grow unless we plant things in fertile ground and water them.
    The same with life.
    Without activity, the ‘ground’ remains barren.
    No input, no output.
    No one will stop to admire a glorious vista we might have created with a little more effort.

    That’s the lot, there ain’t no more
    I’m sorry if that makes you sore.
    WHEN the time comes for the next
    I’ll try to write some better text.



    And for a friday first, we now have the ‘flying jetski’, developed in the west.
    I don’t see all and sundry ‘flying’ quietly over the waves, totally unconcerned about where they are going.
    As with all new developments, it will evolve gradually to become a practical application.
    But it had to start somewhere, and it started here.
    Good thing we are all modest about our achievements.


    Who remembers the comic strip “Buck Rodgers”? WE still have a copy of one of his adventure stories, the reason I mention him was he had a jet backpack and flew around all over the place. I often say I reckon one of these days we will have jet back packs like Buck Rodgers. Imagine jetting out to the airport or off to visit people, oh to dodge all the hectic traffic which is on the increase. Maybe one day it will be possible but unfortunately I wont be around to see it all happen. That comic strip came out in 1929 and finally closed in 1967.



    Oh Betty! I think people will still have to dodge hectic traffic but this time it will be masses of jet packers instead! Imagine trying to police all those people tearing in different directions and what price privacy then? I’m rather glad we won’t be around.


    Oh abirdo I didn’t think of those problems like so many jet packers crashing into one another, then the media will be delighting in pointing out the problems then the various authorities will bring in masses of new rules again. So glad I wont be here as well if that scenario occurs.
    In meantime will just have to put up with the increase in cars on the road and all the stupid drivers.

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