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    Having had to attend 2 funerals recently, (connected to the family) its interesting  to see how  the dress code has changed.Once it was always , dresses  with coats, or suits for ladies always  in black,   always suits for men, hats bags etc.

    These days  although most do   dress nicely  a few are still in  black, there are always a few who look as if they have come from the beach. One funeral we were at this week, a well groomed girl looked as if she was going to a  cocktail party, completely backless down to her waist  and although a  black dress,  I thought  the bare back not quite right  and not the dress to wear to a funeral. Most men were still in either their suits or jackets but no ties is very common these days. ( a few men the young ones were casual  in what they wore)

    .The variety of colored  dresses and slacks on the ladies is amazing. But then I guess it does not really matter these days,  a lot of these old traditions we seniors know and remember are fast disappearing.



    Betty,it isn’t unusual to see in a Funeral notice , a request for “Bright Colours’ or a certain colour.



    Nowadays a life is celebrated rather than a death mourned.   I do like that change.   Videos of the persons’  life are shown.  Friends and family stand up and tell anecdotes, often funny.  Much easier to attend funerals these days, I feel.

    A backless dress is a bit much almost anywhere.  Ha ha.

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