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    These are some thoughts based on news reports.
    A sort of comment on the news.
    Has anyone given any consideration to the proposed redevelopment of the farm near Bendigo?
    Apparently the council there is planning to annex a large part of a hundred year old farm, and redevelop it as a business park.
    This means that a rather large (700 acres?) business park would be rubbing shoulders with an (at present) productive farm.
    Somehow this doesn’t seem to be desirable.
    To bring this in to better perspective…
    If there were plans to build a new six lane highway, and that proposed highway were to pass right in front of your home, would not the advent of such a highway make your property untenable as a domestic residence?
    It seems to me that the proposed business park would, over time, make the productivity of the farm degrade markedly, and the farm’s long term viability would be in doubt.
    Is this desirable?
    Is this not a backward step?
    The fact is that we need farms to produce goods we must have for our survival.
    These goods won’t just appear out of nowhere.
    There are no magic wands we can enlist to make that happen.
    The loss of even one good farm is something to deplore.
    The council is reportedly influenced by the convenience of an existing highway and a nearby railway line, and by the fact that they are dealing with only one property owner.
    Were the latter so, and of some weight in their deliberations, one could infer a situation akin to bullying, even if outwardly inadvertant and unintentional.
    I have an intense dislike of bully-boys. I venture to think that others do too.
    Overall, a situation in need of review.
    I might well have the wrong idea about this, but have I caused anyone to think?



    Development of our land in Victoria has already destroyed so much of our beautiful State.  I’m all for creating jobs, but stop destroying the landscape.   We do need our farmers.   So much is being imported already, and many farmers are going broke.   I picture one grower standing in a huge area of orange trees, and watch, gobsmacked as bulldozers come through and destroy the crops.

    Our farmers are part of the lifeblood of our country, and we should be looking after them.

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