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    My thoughts on the subject of sexual harrassment. Girls stand up for yourselves when the actual harrassment occurs surely a knee to the right place may stop the offender a slap on the face perhaps and a quick push away could help. I know it shouldnt happen at all, but please let the perpetrator know its not ok at the time and then report it if you are not left alone.



    That is a sensible and hopefully practical approach.
    Done with caution of course.
    With some trepidation, I add the following comments.
    ‘At the time’ is the important factor here.
    One could hardly go up to a person and knee them in the groin for something that happened ten years ago.
    I for one am tired of hearing all these ‘second hand’ accusations.
    The situation is becoming absurd.
    Enough is enough.
    Time for a reality check.
    One of the worst aspects of all this is that anyone accused is treated as if guilty.
    Never mind listening to the circumstances and the facts.
    How on earth do some people’s minds work?
    It is grossly unfair to assume so much.
    Most serious incidents should have been dealt with at the time.
    One exception to this would be when it involves children.
    Let the adults have a bit of understanding and acceptance.
    Some call that being forgiving. Would it hurt them to be a bit like this?
    They should ask themselves, ‘was I physically hurt, or was my pride just dented a little?’
    Remember the adage about those who live in glass houses. . . . . . .
    Time for another war to bring us all back to ground level?
    Please accept my sincere apologies for sounding so intolerant.
    But I just had to say it.



    With the 24 hour news cycle these days, it’s easy to get a little ho hum with what might seem like a continuing saga, or even just a trend.

    I think we need to understand how differently society operated in years gone by.

    Look at the gushing and excitement when a woman today, makes her way to the top of any industry.

    We read the first woman to do this or that.   It’s still a novelty in some peoples’ minds, including the young journalists.

    So not so long ago, men were the masters, the boss……. and women were ‘barefoot and pregnant’….if you get my drift.

    What’s happening now is women are finally realizing they didn’t have to endure hateful harassment .

    Times were different.   I can remember in my  very early work years, feeling resentful because married women were starting to flow into the workforce and the prevailing attitude was they didn’t need to take jobs from single girls as they were married and being  provided for!!

    Times were different.

    Back to the sexual harassment, I admit I’ve been ambivalent about it.

    But now, excluding minor incidents, women have every right to dredge up past incidents.

    The trouble is it’s turning into trial by media, as William notes.

    Innocent till proven guilty.





    A quote: But now, excluding minor incidents, women have every right to dredge up past incidents.

    I agree, if it is a serious matter, and there were good reasons for delaying the ‘dredging up’.
    However, I am inclined to think a lot of the ‘dredging up’ involves minor incidents.
    I think some ‘dredging’ is being done to make someone feel they are ‘one of the gang’ and also to make them feel ‘important’.
    It puts them in the public eye.
    I think some ‘dredge’ because of peer pressure.
    But I deplore the lack of understanding and assessment that can be exhibited.
    Please note I have not mentioned male or female.
    I remember writing a post about an incident that happened to me when I was a much younger man. I wonder if I should ‘dredge’ that up now? *_*
    It thought ‘not’ then, and I think ‘not’ now.
    I see it as one of the many ‘less nice’ things that make up life.
    Looking back, I can see the humour in it too.
    By the way Salina, thank you for the word dredge.
    I think it will become a favourite of mine, along with disparateness.
    In no way am I trying to lessen the significance of serious issues.
    I just think a lot of this is froth and bubble.
    So someone was ‘pinched’ ten years ago?
    They should use reason, think it through, grow up, get over it.
    See it as something ‘added’ to a life, not as something taken away.
    I stress I am referring to minor incidents only.



    I have just remembered.
    There is a song, ‘Don’t Go Looking Back’ by a local group.
    It might well be appropriate?


    Looks like society will be back to the old days, with  Grannie accompanying the young ones on a date or right through their engagement! A cuddle, A peck on the cheek, A lovely tap on the Bum all might comeback to bite you on the BUM!

    I think there is some hanger ons ruining all for the genuine Ladies that have been assaulted

    bettyh Vic
    bettyh Vic

    I think the whole situation is becoming ridiculous. Some females are dredging up incidents that happened 1960 or thereabouts,  surely there is a time limit on so called sexual harassment’s .Almost every day now some new actor is being accused of groping or some such thing , seems like some women don’t know the difference between a pat on the knee saying hey  good work or good talk, that some men would do with nothing meant by it, but somehow its got turned into’ groping my knee-‘ oh come on.

    As I said before in my teen days if we thought a man was getting a bit fresh  ( as we called it) we just said get lost and that was obeyed,but why on earth if some women thought oh  gee  I dont like that why the heck didn’t they say something then, not wait 20 or 30 yrs later, also it was said give the man a good thump or a knee in an appropriate place at the time.

    There was an article in the paper some time back, about men have a habit of not looking at females  faces its their cleavage they look at, gosh men will be men and women will be attractive to men always has been that way. I heard some women say they miss the whistle that some workmen would give to a lady walking by that they thought looked nice, I miss it too, I would walk on  by thinking hey I must look ok today.

    Its now getting so men will be afraid to pat a females arm, or put their arm across their shoulders., let alone talk to little children they will be viewed with suspicion . Older male shop assistants often say thanks love or here you are love, some poor  silly women have said I’m not your love- honestly whats wrong with them ?




    I was on the side of the women in the beginning…mainly because in the past, sexual harassment didn’t exist as far as the law was concerned.     But now, it seems, it has become yet another bandwagon.

    Plus, it has become a trial by media, which is appalling.

    What happened to ‘innocent till proven guilty.””?

    Dusty WA
    Dusty WA

    Innocent until proven guilty is  long gone i fear Salina,give a dog a bad name and it sticks regardless of guilt or innocence

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