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    This is good news.    One can’t help wondering what the heck is happening to our rubbish since China stopped  receiving it.

    “The Federal Government has struck a deal with states and territories to address Australia’s mounting waste burden.
    Key points:
    States and territories agree to reduce unrecyclable packaging, help support waste-to-energy projects
    Greens, Labor believe more can be done to phase out use of plastic
    Recycling group want to see details, funding plans

    Local councils across the nation have been grappling with higher service costs after China banned foreign waste imports.”



    Re waste  here in Bayside our council have taken the big 140litre waste bins away and replaced them with small 8o litre bins, supposedly it will save us $78 off the cost of our charge   that supposedly will appear on our rate notice  we wait to see.

    I read the other day that all waste   now goes into land fill I don’t know if this is so or not.  Good to see that super markets are now getting rid of plastic bags although I believe they came in after  people complained about all the trees  being cut down to make paper including bags. We wait  to see what will happen to plastic re everything else that is wrapped  in plastic boxes and bags.

    Mmm no plastic bags  re the little  bin for  meat scraps and  other wet kitchen scraps , will have to wrap every thing in paper  Ha !! I wonder if they will bring back  backyard incinerators– naw that will  add to

    climate change




    When I think about it, we didn’t have the waste there is now. Every family had a compost bin and incinerator as betty mentioned.  I know incinerators cause whatever…actually not so sure…ho hum.          Why can’t we have turns in burning stuff’ so it’s not everyone burning on Saturday or whatever?

    I honestly think it’s better than tons of plastic going into the ocean and waterways.


    And yes we had paper bags that were used over and over again.   I know it isn’t the complete answer, but I do feel that in general we have become a consumer ridden society, and very wasteful.   The amount of food that is thrown out is horrendous.  Are we still  allowed to buy yesterdays’ bread?  I know in some areas we can’t.   So it gets thrown out, while homeless people line up at the Salvos.   There are a few, very few people who will pick up surplus from s’markets etc., but not enough.   Councils would do better to spend money on that instead of miles of bike paths that drive motorists bonkers.

    Abbey NSW
    Abbey NSW

    What is the govt. doing about people who just toss rubbish into the street, on the beach, or anywhere else they happen to be?  And what about ships at see that just dump all their rubbish into the ocean, bits of which end up on our beaches. I have been bagging all my cleaned soft plastics to go to the Coles and Woolies collection bins, for recycling.  We have recycling bins that council collects, hopefully the contents do get recycled. It goes in a different truck than the one that collects rubbish.  I often go 4 weeks not needing to put bins out, yet neighbours ones are overflowing. I don’t know why they have so much, I guess they buy a lot of rubbish to start with.



    Abbey just this morning I was having this conversation.  There is quite a lot of wind here at the moment, and the amount of rubbish that is flying around is awful.    The council charges for the tip are very high, so I  think a lot of people just toss their stuff anywhere.   Then, the council has to go and pick up the stuff anyway, so our rates go up.

    That’s of course only one issue.  It’s a worldwide problem and no-one seems to have an answer.   Banning plastic bags at shops wouldn’t be one millionth of the solution.

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