Goodies bad for us !!

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    bettyh Vic
    bettyh Vic

    Almost every day the newspapers will have an article on something that is bad for us to consume.  Today it was’ alcohol’  yet only recently they said a glass or two of red wine was good for us, now I read alcohol causes cancer- uh- first time I  have  heard that, in fact many other things going on inside our bodies  are supposed to be the  culprit. Its getting so we wont be able to enjoy our food much, as you wonder whilst you are chewing or sipping, is what we are consuming bad for us.?





    Bettyh, common sense tells us too much of anything is bad for us.

    Europeans drink alcohol from  a very young age, but in a civilized way.

    Plus the fact that the Mediterranean diet, which includes alcohol on a regular basis, is one of the healthiest.

    I think those people who come up with the latest scare, have nothing better to do.



    Dusty WA
    Dusty WA

    I eat when I’m hungry ,I drink when I’m dry and if the devil don’t take me .I’ll live til I die



    When my number is up then that is it until then enjoy our self so enjoy while you can .



    LIVE your life, and plan as if you have at least another thirty years ahead of you.
    Your mind is still active, you are more experienced and wiser, so with more discernment you can better appreciate the magic fabric that is wrapped around you.
    That fabric we call life.
    LOOK at it, and appreciate it.
    I try to do that. Sometimes I succeed. *_*
    Don’t forget to eat well too.
    I think you can let your body tell you what is good for you.
    Listen to it talking to you.
    And drink if you must. Moderately.

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