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    I got to thinking about greypath.
    Why am I here? What do I do. What CAN I do.
    Well, what I do is to reach out to others with words.
    I try to share thoughts and ideas.
    I read what others write, and get a sense of who they are.
    It can be almost the same as getting to know someone in person.
    After a while, personalities and character come through.
    These become evident in the words that are written, and how the words are used.
    Sometimes it is almost as if I am there with a person.
    I can almost ‘feel’ the thought processes that lead to the written word.
    So those writing here are being very effective with what they do.

    We are heading now quickly towards end of year.
    A good time to take stock. To see where we are.
    What have we done? What is there still to do?
    Hopefully, there are lots of plusses, and only a few negatives.

    My overall aim here is to engender thought.
    To give another reader something to think about.
    Hopefully, I will have at least one other person read what I write.
    Hopefully, that person will do as I wish them to do.

    Also hopefully….
    ‘Twill stir up their metabolism
    Better than a catechism
    Make them feel alive and spry
    Put a twinkle in each eye
    Give them cause to rise and shout
    Know what life is all about.

    If my words can bring a pause
    Make someone think: avoid the wars
    Strengthen contact with each day
    Keep those sundry woes at bay.
    Then all is well, my job is done
    (you’ll find me sitting in the sun)

    Another thought before I go
    (I must because my candle’s low
    And otherwise you’ll never know
    just HOW my thoughts run to and fro)

    Smiles are free; they cost us nought
    In fact they simply can’t be bought.
    So if I see that you smile twice
    I’ll think that that is rather nice.

    Please excuse my woeful attempt at rhyme.
    It is nearly always ‘off the cuff’.
    Consequently, it lacks the polish one might expect or desire.
    I tender it with some trepidation.

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