Greypath on way out??

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    Greypath is starting to look as if it may have had its day, not many people bother to write these days, seems like about four or five regulars only, some of our different areas have not had any action on them for weeks now, in fact a couple of months for some. Its sad but there are so many different forums now for people to look at .That’s life  !

    I can’t be bothered looking at other sites, Facebook is very popular and some of my family post frequently there , if  any thing interesting from  or about, family members is posted on it  ,  my husband is a member so he either tells  me or calls me to come and have a  look




    We won’t get there unless we keep going forward.
    Travelling thoughtfully and cautiously, of course.
    Alternatively, I could say:
    Time to take our collective feet off the brake and apply modest pressure to the accelerator?

    And now a thought occurs to me
    I think I’ll pass it on for free
    Might we find another soul
    Who could perhaps enjoy a stroll
    Along with all we present folk
    To add a thought or tell a joke?

    Encourage them to stop awhile
    Invite them in with friendly smile
    Now my rhyme is sort of stopping
    Because you see, it’s time for shopping.


    Greypath is starting to look as if it may have had its day, not many people bother to write these days.

    Have to agree Bettyh, nothing like the feisty ‘old days’. Such lively discussion LOL.

    Wonder what happened to Jennywren (last post 22/10/2017) amongst others. Hope they are all OK.


    I like this site. Let’s hope it continues.



    I have been wondering, and have a few questions.
    Would people here prefer conversation to be ‘confrontational’ and ‘salty’?
    Do they want to use provocative conversation as a way of ‘letting off steam’ perhaps?
    Do they need this kind of stimulus to make them feel alive and interested enough to participate?
    Do they want to be quarrelsome with their written words?
    Or perhaps their preference is to sit on the sidelines, and be an observer of any ‘unrest’ that develops?

    From my point of view, I find a stimulating conversation is one which (mildly) challenges my way of thinking.
    It will mostly, but not always, be on a topic with which I have some familiarity.
    Discussion allows me to exercise my mind.
    It is a challenge to organise ideas and present them logically.
    And more importantly:
    Interaction with fellow human beings; the sharing of ideas and experiences with them, is natural behaviour.
    We learn from it.
    It has been happening ever since man first sat around a camp fire and ‘chewed the fat’.
    But now we have it easy.
    All we need is a computer, an interest in what is happening around us, and modest typing skills.
    If we do need some greater stimulus in life, surely there are other ways of achieving that?
    Hopefully though, those ways won’t include letting a conversation develop in to a ‘free for all’, with insults flying thick and fast.
    So now I ask: what kind of conversation satisfies you?



    It would be interesting how many people read but don’t post.

    I am one of those. Perhaps I should take more interest



    klo, I spotted you lurking one day in the chat room, and said HI.    I remember your name from a while back.

    Nice to see you still around.




    I tend to feel I have not much of interest to talk about, and pick something from the news columns of the day, because I must admit, talking about the weather or gardens is ok up to a point, but I like to talk occasionally about something a bit more newsy.

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